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2020 Printmakers Bursary Recipients 2020 Printmakers Bursary Recipients


LSAD announces 2020 Printmakers Bursary Recipients

LSAD announced its three recipients of the 2020 Printmakers Bursary.

LSAD announces 2020 Printmakers Bursary Recipients

Limerick School of Art and Design, LIT has announced its three recipients of the 2020 Printmakers Bursary.

For the past two decades Limerick Printmakers has sponsored an annual bursary for a graduate of LSAD’s Print Contemporary Programme. The Cork Printmakers has been supporting the initiative by providing two bursaries for the last 15 years.



This year’s recipients of the coveted bursaries are final year LSAD students:

Jordan Hill, Mountrath, Co. Laois.

Lily Boyle Bray, Co.Wicklow.

Lara Grufferty Charleville, Co. Cork. 

The students applied for the highly sought bursaries earlier this year, highlighting how such support would benefit their careers. The three recipients were selected by a panel from the awarding bodies.

Congratulating the recipients LIT Dean of Limerick School of Art and Design and Director of Cultural Engagement Mike Fitzpatrick highlighted the importance of such bursaries to graduates as they begin their careers away from the LSAD, LIT campus on Clare Street, Limerick.

“The Limerick Printmakers and Cork Printmakers bursaries are invaluable to the recipients. They allow them to continue their practice for the first year of their careers after graduation without studio and workshop fees, and encourages them to avail of opportunities to exhibit, connect to projects and expand their networks.”

LSAD Clare Street.

The Limerick Printmakers (LP) Printmaking Bursary was introduced over fifteen years ago and is reflective of LP’s ethos of promoting printmaking as an art form and supporting artists and printmakers at all stages of their careers.

The Bursary has been an integral element of LP’s programming since shortly after the inception of the studio, having been devised to acknowledge outstanding work by exceptional printmaking graduates and to then provide unique opportunities for recipients to continue to develop their practice in the often challenging period following graduation.

LP has always maintained close links with the Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD), having been established in 1999 by three recent graduates of its printmaking department. The founders of LP received invaluable support from many of those working within the print department in LSAD. The bursary supports printmakers who wish to remain connected to Limerick following graduation and assists them in establishing their practice in the city.

In 2018 LP adapted the award to better reflect emerging printmakers needs and to encourage experimentation and skills development in the supportive environment of the LP studio. Alongside a year of studio membership, the bursary now includes:

  1. Ten hours of dedicated one-on-one mentorship with experienced tutors in a selection of printmaking processes of the recipient’s choice.
  2. A materials stipend to support the development of the recipient’s own work and skills.
  3. Regular support meetings with LP’s technical and management team.
  4. Featuring in LP’s permanent bursary archive, with a separate stipend and technical support to assist in creating a small edition.

Each bursary recipient and their resultant body of work has been unique, exploring diverse subject matter through variant printmaking and photographic processes. LP is proud of its established history of supporting emerging printmakers and its bursaries will continue to form an important aspect of its programming.

Meanwhile LSAD’s 2020 Graduate Showcase continues online at where the end of year work of the 2020 final year students, including the bursary recipients, can be viewed and supported.

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