Rediscovering Limerick #1 – 4 Ways Limerick Changed The World



Rediscovering Limerick #1


Here at I Love Limerick we are proud to announce a new web series that will delve in to the fascinating history of Limerick and it’s people. ‘Rediscovering Limerick’ is a collaboration between Limerick’s Life and I Love Limerick, that will help you uncover the many  tales that truly defined Limerick as a city.

Rediscovering Limerick is researched, written and presented by Sharon Slater of Limerick’s Life.



Shot/Directed: Seán Wrenn –
Producer: Richard Lynch –


1. Limerick’s Grid Plan – Blue Printing New York

Limerick in the 1800s was at the forefront of modern architecture, Newtownpery was a built to a grid plan that can still be seen today. This grid plan was the later used as a template for the development of Manhattan’s famous grid work of interlaced streets.

2. Peter Taits Production Line – Dressing the Soldiers & Creating Production Lines

The instantly recognisable Confederate Army uniform of the American Civil war came all the way from Peter Tait’s Limerick factory. Tait’s connection with the Confederacy began in earnest in December 1863, when 50,000 caps, greatcoats, jackets, trousers, shirts, blankets, boots, stockings and haversacks were ordered by the Confederate Government.

3. Jane Austen & Thomas Lefroy – Creating a Romantic novelist

Would Jane Austen have been the prolific romantic novelist if it were not her her love loss, Limerick born Thomas Lefroy the man who broke Jane Austen’s heart?

4. Limerick’s Bacon Factories

No Christmas dinner table would be complete without a ham, a Limerick Ham to be precise. We also have to thank Queen Victoria for this one as she insisted on having a Limerick Ham for her Christmas Dinner and so made it a custom throughout the English speaking world.




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