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Adare vegan farm Adare vegan farm


Cow-nt beef out, green in as Adare farmer transforms farm into vegan haven 

Adare vegan farm owner, Samantha Long pictured receiving her Green Cert

Cow-nt beef out, green in as Adare farmer transforms farm into vegan haven 

By ilovelimerick correspondent, Enya McIntyre 

In a bid to tackle climate change, Limerick woman, Samantha Long is set to transform her families 143-acre beef farm to forestry, an area to grow hemp and an animal sanctuary. 

The farm, located in Adare, Co. Limerick has been in Samantha’s family for nearly seven decades and was an integral part of her childhood as she spent years helping to rear caves and such on the farm. 

However, despite the realities of beef farming, Samantha became vegetarian at the tender age of 9-years-old and transitioned into vegan three years ago. 

Adare vegan farm

Samantha is set to turn her 143-acre beef farm into a vegan sanctuary.

She now hopes for the farm to follow in her footsteps, becoming vegan also. She hopes to achieve this with the help of her Green Cert, a qualification she recently received, entitling her with eligibility to receive EU grants to help with the running of the farm. 

In order to qualify for this, she must farm the land commercially for five years before ownership is transferred.  

Following the transfer of ownership, Samantha has big plans for the farm including potentially growing the Cannabis sativa plant species of Hemp, for commercial purposes such as the creation of CBD oil. 

Given the psychoactive properties of Hemp such as the low levels of THC, its growth is highly regulated by the Health Products Regulatory Authority with regulations including a specific distance it must be from the road. 

The Adare bypass that is scheduled to be built in upcoming months may propose problems surrounding Samantha’s plans to grow hemp as she explains there may be a compulsory acquisition of their land by the State to facilitate the build. 

“I can’t grow hemp if there’s a motorway ten metres in the air looking down at it!”, laughs Samantha to the Limerick Voice. 

Although Samantha has been warned against planting forestry as her land is said to be too good, she intends to go ahead with it regardless as she explains the income received from the forestry will go towards supporting the animal sanctuary.

Adare vegan farm

Samantha is set to transform 143-acre beef farm to vegan sanctuary. Picture: Gered Hickey Photography.

Samantha’s dreams for the land don’t stop here- she also hopes to someday grow oats for the Irish milling company, Flahavan’s. 

Samantha said, “I’m really excited about my future plans for the land. I think I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to take over the family farm together with my brother, who fortunately is very laid back and supportive of my plans. Many vegans talk about their desire to do something similar but not many actually have the land to do it”. 


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