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Welcoming ADHD Ireland to the Midwest

Pictured at the launch at the Limerick Strand of ADHD Ireland Midwest services are; Helga Heylen, Evelyn Pepperrell, Dr Margo Wrigley and Ken Kilbride

Welcoming ADHD Ireland to the Midwest 

ADHD Ireland’s mission is to make life better for people affected by ADHD and they have now extended their support system to the Midwest.

They are dedicated to providing up-to-date information, resources, and networking opportunities to individuals with ADHD, parents of children with ADHD and the professionals who serve them.

They provide support and advice through our phone line and emails, send out information, produce publications, organize information sessions, run Solution Focussed Brief Therapy courses for young people, run parenting courses, work to raise awareness of the condition and contribute to research.

As one chapter concludes for families/community of Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the Midwest region, another begins.

The ADD Midwest Support Group has come a long way since Limerick man Tom Naughton organized its first meeting at St Marys School in 1997. A voluntary committee formed soon after which met monthly in Bishop’s Palace and sometime after moved to The Social Service Centre, Henry Street and then to location at Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership in Roxboro, Limerick.

Over the course of 22 years, the ADD Midwest Support Group (charity no 12784) grew a community of families, expanded connection with other like-minded charities have been fortunate to be surrounded by a wonderful circle of caring professionals.  Involved in organizing information meetings and conferences, preparing Oireachtas Report on ADHD and setting up the first ADHD class in primary school in Ireland to name a few, the focus of this heart-led support group was to help people with ADD/ADHD and their families to better understand and manage the condition. 

Support services included monthly support meetings with all information treated with complete confidentiality, 24-hour emergency helpline, parent training, open access to Mid West office for one to one meetings and advocacy. Acknowledgment of ADD/ADHD as a condition, which we believe is a neurobiological one, it is so important to talk about it. Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a life-long disorder and it is possible with the right supports to get under control.  Empowering people with ADD and ADHD to embrace their own talents /strengths, as well as understanding ADD/ADHD is key too; being the individuals they are, being proud of who they are and use this information to build a brighter future.

ADD Midwest Support Group CLG was a member of the Irish National Council of ADHD Support Groups (INCADDS).

ADD Midwest Support Group CLG (charity no 12784) wound down in January 2019 with the monthly support group ceasing in April 2019 due to a lack of resources & funding – it is important to acknowledge pride and gratitude to have been supported by local and national community of families, fundraiser facilitators and funding groups, all of whom too many to mention, this community by its virtue will remain connected.

Looking to the future we welcome ADHD Ireland to the Midwest and wish them well in providing much-needed support services for the ADD/ADHD families and community in the Midwest and further afield. 

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