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To advertise with I Love Limerick please email [email protected] with any enquiries you may have.

Established in 2008 by founder Richard Lynch, I Love Limerick is a creative project driven by, motivated and inspired by Limerick people and focused entirely on the city and her citizens. Through a series of exciting and well-produced documentaries, lifestyle programming, interviews and photography, the I Love Limerick project aims to encourage a wider respect and pride for the city by focusing on the wealth of interesting, talented and motivated people who live, work and create here by highlighting everything positive about Limerick.

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Types of Advertisements Available:


A Leaderboard banner advertisement is almost the width of a webpage and its placed beside the masthead (the title area at the top of a page). Leaderboards are known to offer advertisers a great deal of space in a prominent position without intruding on content.

728 x 90

Cost: €350 per month


Mid-Page Unit

An MPU or Mid-Page Unit advertisement is an advert that usually sits within online editorial content. An MPU is surrounded by editorial – it is easily viewed by users. An MPU is one of the most effective formats of online advertising on our website.

We have four MPU positions.

Maximum download file size – 40k Recommended animation length – 15 seconds.

300 x 300

Cost: €250 per month


Directory Banner Ad 

Our website has an online directory. It is one of the most visited sections of our website. We list a large variety of businesses from across the city and county. The Directory Banner Ad appears at the top of every category of the directory.

960 x 120

Cost: €150 per month


Premium Directory Listing

If you would like to be more be more visible to potential customers you can purchase a premium listing which includes 3 images and your business will appear at the top of your category with a different colour background to help it stand out.

Cost: €10 per month or €99 per year