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Age Friendly Ireland accredits BOI Age Friendly Ireland accredits BOI


Age Friendly Ireland accredits Bank of Ireland as First Retail Bank by Age Friendly Business Recognition Programme

Age Friendly Ireland accredits BOI as being the first retail bank. Pictured alongside Bank of Ireland customers is Amy Prendeville who is Age Friendly Champion for the Castleroy branch, Bank of Ireland.

Age Friendly Ireland accredits BOI, Bank of Ireland as being the first retail bank by their Age Friendly Business Recognition Programme. The nationwide programme is part of the wider Age Friendly Ireland Cities and Counties Programme. This programme supports and provides technical guidance to the 31 local authority-led Age Friendly City and County Programmes.                             

Age Friendly Ireland launches new study

Age Friendly Ireland accredits BOI. Pictured during the launch of a study by Age Friendly Ireland Aisling Costello, Head of Projects, Age Friendly Ireland, Rodd Bond, director of Netwell Centre, DKIT, Brendan Kenny, Dublin City Council Deputy Chief Executive, Eugene Cummins, Roscommon County Council Chief Executive, Joan Martin, Louth County Council Chief Executive, Conn Murray, Limerick City and County Council Chief Executive, and Cllr Gerald Mitchell, Deputy Mayor

Amy Prendeville, from Cappagh in west Limerick, was recently appointed as an Age Friendly Champion in her local Bank of Ireland branch Castleroy. Amy has been working closely with customers in the area in giving them her full attention and assistance.



Hugh O’Connor, Age Friendly Ireland said; “All Bank of Ireland branches have now consulted with their older customers and identified an extensive range of priority areas where practical responses can be introduced. Importantly each Bank of Ireland branch has now nominated an ‘Age Friendly Champion’, the role of which is to promote and advance those age-friendly commitments in-house and act as an ambassador for the branches older customers. Age Friendly Ireland is very pleased to recognise this network-wide commitment on the part of the bank.’’ 

Liam McLoughlin CEO of Bank of Ireland commented; “We are delighted to be recognised by Age Friendly Ireland for our ongoing efforts in this area and the accreditation is a testament to the work conducted by our team in branches around the country. All branches now have a dedicated member of staff who has been appointed as a champion for age-friendliness and older customers. We continue to identify further areas of improvement to ensure that we are providing the best service possible for all customers.”

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