Limerick Pride Alt Speed Friending/Dating is the perfect way to spend Valentines Day

Alt Speed Friending

The Limerick Pride Alt Speed Friending/Dating is a quirky and fun way to meet new people in Limerick!

Alternative Speed Friending/Dating is a unique way to spend Valentine’s day and it is open to any person, of any gender or sexual orientation, in a relationship or single so everyone is welcome. Throughout the evening each person in attendance will get a chance to talk to everyone present. Make new friends in a fun way, and who knows, you may find that special someone.

It will be run as a fundraiser where all the proceeds will go to Limerick Pride, Out in UL & Limerick School of Art & Design LGBT Society.

Alt Speed Friending

Alt Speed Friending/Dating will be taking place at Chez Le Fab on Feb 14

Louise McCormack, Chairperson of Limerick Pride said, “We decided to run the event because it’s too easy to swipe left. People want something different, something real when they meet someone. It’s only a couple of minutes of chat to start with, but that in life spark between friends or people in a relationship can’t be replicated online. This is going to be massive; we’re co-running it as a fundraiser for Limerick School of Art and Design LGBTQ Society, Out in UL Society and Limerick Pride. There are a lot of people signed up, so much so that we’ve had to move to a bigger venue. Chez Le Fab is Incredible, we are extremely lucky in the LGBTQ community to have them, they are 100% behind us in every event. We ran an event there recently and it was a smash. This is something fun, different; it’s open to gay, straight, bi, ace people etc. It’s open to all genders too. It’s about meeting fun people and getting to actually talk to them”.

Due to the astonishingly positive response to the Alt Speed Friending/Dating has been moved to a larger venue. The sensational Chez Le Fab will now be hosting the event on February 14 from 8 pm until 12 am.

Get your tickets in advance for €10 from your university to support your society or buy at the door to support Limerick Pride!

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