‘An Evening with Anna’ aims to raise funds for GROW mental health charity

'An Evening with Anna'

Pictured at the Holistic Centre of Excellence in Murroe were Richard Lynch, ilovelimerick, Annemarie Butler, Anna Gibson-Steel, Shiobhra Stokes, directors at the Holistic Centre of Excellence. Anna Gibson Steel will be hosting ‘An Evening with Anna’  in three different locations this August. Picture: Cian Reinhardt/ilovelimerick.

‘An Evening with Anna’ aims to raise funds for GROW mental health charity

By ilovelimerick correspondent Frances Watkins

Anna Gibson Steel, CEO of the Holistic Centre of Excellence will be hosting ‘An Evening with Anna’ at three different venues this August to raise awareness and funds for GROW, a mental health charity in Limerick, who have outreach centres in Ennis and Nenagh. All proceeds from the three events will go to the charity. GROW’s mission is to nurture mental health, personal growth, prevention and full recovery from all kinds of mental illness.”

Anna Gibson Steel spoke about the ‘An Evening with Anna’ event saying, “The purpose of the evening is to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and to help people understand how stress operates, emotionally, physically and mentally in their bodies. To give them an understanding of it to make change moving forward. You can’t change the stress that’s in your life but you can change what you do with that information on the inside. It’s about helping people to live in today’s world in a way that they can optimise their health and well-being. I will incorporate the energetics of it as well, it’s not just about the physical and mental aspects but also the energy. Energy is a key component to a solution.”

Anna’s centre the Holistic Centre of Excellence is located in Murroe, Co. Limerick and is unique to the Irish Market. This private college offers a full-time diploma in Holistic Therapies as well as part-time individual modules. The ethos is to nurture the student in their own personal development while simultaneously educating them to the highest standard in the theory, practicalities, and legalities of being a professional therapist. Exclusive to HCE is their lifetime mentorship program, where each student will be mentored for life. They also have a scholarship program which they offer each year. All courses at HCE are approved by ARCHTI, Ireland’s leading pan-therapy organisation.

They have trained over 400 students since 2004 from the headquarters in their idyllic peaceful setting near Murroe Village, Co Limerick which is just 10km from the University of Limerick. 

HCE has a unique mentorship program whereby they mentor their full-time students for life. These students get unique opportunity to work with a wide sector of communities via the HCE Outreach Program which provides educational programs and treatments to many disadvantaged and charity sectors in Limerick

The Holistic Centre of Excellence is the only college in Ireland offering the opportunity to obtain 12 full qualifications and introductions to 20 other healing subjects, in just 9 months. This is achieved by having very small classes taught by passionate experienced teachers. In recent years, they have attracted many mature students wishing to change to a fulfilling career

Anna said she hopes people will learn to open their minds from the Evening with Anna event, “I want to help open people’s minds to a new way of dealing with stress. A way that’s fast, efficient and applicable in their daily lives. I selected GROW as my chosen charity for the events as they need support and understand the importance of how stress affects our mental health.”


The dates and locations for ‘An Evening with Anna’ are as follows:

Monday, August 21, 8:30 pm Limerick Strand Hotel, Limerick.

Tuesday, August 22, 8:30 pm, Woodstock Hotel, Ennis.

Wednesday, August 23, 8:30 pm, Ashley House, Nenagh.


Tickets for ‘An Evening with Anna’ are €5 with proceeds from all three events going to GROW.


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