The Journey of Limerick Artist Annemarie Bourke

Artist Annemarie Bourke

By ILoveLimerick correspondent, Irene Bermingham.

Artist Annemarie Bourke is a solo artist whose gallery is situated on 98 O’Connell Street, Limerick. Annemarie also uses the gallery as her own studio and Painting school.

As a self-taught painter, Annemarie is very passionate about her work and puts great pride into her paintings. She started painting in her childhood home, in Killaloe, Co. Clare, at the young age of 8. Annemarie explains that it was her main pastime as a child, walking down the canal line where she lived, painting pictures of the scenery around her. “My dad used to travel a lot, and when he came home he always brought me back a box of pencils or paints”, Annemarie lovingly remembers.

She opened her art studio on O’Connell Street back in 2008. Before that however, Annemarie travelled around Ireland to various art galleries, exhibiting her work. During the year, Annemarie enjoys going to Provence, in France, where she teaches the skill of art and painting in particular.

It was only after Annemarie finished working as a director at Gallery 75, that she saw the passion people had for art and art galleries. Artist Annemarie Bourke then decided to open up her very own business in Limerick city.


Artist Annemarie Bourke

 Artist Annemarie Bourke. Picture: Sarah O’Connell/ilovelimerick.


During the summer months, Annemarie runs workshops in her beautiful gallery. These courses are intense and usually run over the period of 3 days, mostly on week-end days, from 10.30 am – 4.30 pm. People come from far and near to learn about a particular aspect of painting or drawing that interests them. With only 8 students accepted at a time, Annemarie prides herself on the close relationship she has with her pupils, “It’s half fun and half painting”, but Annemarie always ensures that they get the one on one attention to detail deserved.

As well as the summer workshops, Artist Annemarie Bourke runs weekly classes in her studio on O’Connell Street. These classes specialise in oil painting, watercolour and drawing. Annemarie welcomes all levels from beginner to Master Class/Advanced. She particularly encourages those who are not familiar with painting to come along and see what it is all about. Annemarie is very accommodating and feels that, “We all learn from each other”.

Annemarie dispels the stereotype set around the cost of hand painted Art work, explaining, “We have a full price range from €20 right up to the other end of the scale.” All are welcome to pop in for a browse around her beautiful little haven. The pieces in Annemarie’s gallery are ideal for Birthday, home or wedding gifts. Annemarie also sells vouchers which can be used to purchase works, or participate in classes.

The Gallery is open Tuesday and Wednesday, 10 am – 4 pm, Thursday and Friday 10 am – 7 pm and Saturday morning from 11 am – 2 pm.

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