Asta Lee sets up a unique personal development and deportment course

Asta Lee


Asta Lee

Asta Lee with all her girls

Celia Holman Lee’s protégé Asta Lee may be known for her prestigious modeling career but she has now set up her very own personal development and deportment course to share all her knowledge of the modeling world, as well as important life skills for any career woman.

Asta Lee unknowingly began her modeling career as a ballet student at the age of 4 years old in her home country, Lithuania. She continued dancing for 15 years where she believes she learned “excellent posture and how to be an elegant model.”

Following her years of diligent training in the dancing industry Asta arrived in Ireland where she met the well-known Irish figure, Celia Holman Lee. At an early age Asta joined the Holman Lee Modeling Agency and took part in a deportment course where she developed a love her modeling. In addition to modeling Asta completed her masters in Business and Marketing in the University of Limerick where she learned the behind the scenes of how to run a business.

When the Holman Lee Agency ended its deportment courses three years ago, Asta says that she “saw an opportunity” to begin her very own courses. Asta Lee had her own family and felt she was looking for a challenge, she wanted to “apply my experience about this world of modeling to others.” After years of strategic planning with different professionals she set up her own personal development and deportment courses that launched January 2016.

The most distinctive part of Asta’s courses is that they are not just for models but also for the everyday woman who wants to better herself. Asta is keen to teach women how to present themselves in today’s world as she teaches her clients social skills, how to dress themselves for interviews, how to apply makeup and conduct themselves in any situation. Classes are normally in groups of no more than 10 people therefore; everyone gets one on one attention from Asta and the other professionals involved in the courses.

Celia Homan Lee has been an imperative force in the establishment of Asta’s courses, with Asta referring to Celia as “an inspirational woman who was very supportive from the start and delighted that I took over the classes for young women.”

I love the idea that anyone can join these classes, which are conducted monthly by Asta. In addition to these monthly classes Asta has established bridal packages for brides where they can learn how to present themselves for their big day! This is such a brilliant idea for any bride. Brides are welcome to bring their brides-maids with them to learn an array of skills, it truly is a wonderful course filled with life lessons that will last a lifetime!

This is a wonderful investment that no girl or woman will regret getting involved in. Women as young as 15 can attend the classes to learn a skill set and social etiquette that is guaranteed to stay with them for life. Anyone who participates in the courses will also be given the opportunity to model in a photo shoot and gain a glimpse into the world of modeling.

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