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David Noel Bourke’s Bakerman Official Irish Premier

David Noel Bourke’s Bakerman Official Irish Premier

by ilovelimerick correspondent Katie Glavin

The official Irish premier of David Noel Bourke’s latest film “Bakerman” is showing at the Dingle Film Festival on Friday, March 24. Although David was born in Limerick, he now lives in Denmark as an independent filmmaker, screenwriter and director and has had huge success with his latest independently produced feature film ‘Bakerman’.

David Noel Bourke - Limericks Most Loved. Bakerman

David Noel Bourke, writer and director of independent film Bakerman.

Bourke has directed and edited five films and has written the scripts for three of those five. David has made three independent feature films, Last Exit (2003), No Right Turn (2009), and Bakerman (2016). His most recent film, ‘Bakerman’ tells the tale of Jens, the protagonist of this story, who has a midlife crisis and chooses to settle some old debts. The 98-minute was released in Ireland 2016 and was screened at CPH:PIX, Denmark’s biggest film festival in 2016.

The official Irish premier of ‘Bakerman’ will be screening in St James’ Church, Dingle on Friday, March 24 at the Dingle International Film Festival. Limerick’s own David Noel Bourke, director and writer of ‘Bakerman’ will also attend a Q&A after the screening. On Saturday, March 25 at the festival, there will be a live special event where David Noel Bourke will be joining the festival’s filmmakers discussion panel. Through this panel, David will be discussing the making of ‘Bakerman’, and life as a filmmaker along with much more.

 David McNamara, executive producer, is one of the many Limerick people who helped fund and support the production ‘Bakerman’. David McNamara spoke about David Noel Bourke and his latest film stating “I grew up with David. As long as I’ve known him, he has always had an interest and love of the film industry.”

He added “in 2008 he started his second film on a shoe-string budget, so a couple of other Limerick friends and I decided to contribute to ‘No Right Turn’ and in return for our support he named us Executive Producers. His third and latest film was on yet another shoe-string budget and he did a crowd-funding. Hearing this, we were all too happy to help and contribute to support the production of ‘Bakerman’ and again David named us Executive Producers”

In November 2016, David McNamara along with fellow Limerick contributors and Executive Producers were invited to the Danish Premier of ‘Bakerman’ in Copenhagen. David Noel Bourke has since applied and been selected to show ‘Bakerman’ at the Dingle International Film Festival as his first Irish premier.   

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