WATCH – Limerick couple go viral by dancing troubles away


Anne and Martin Bedford have gone viral after I Love Limerick posted a video of themselves dancing. 

WATCH – Limerick couple go viral by dancing troubles away

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Sophia DiBattista


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The Bedfords are 49yrs married and cocooning at home. To stay entertained in lockdown the pair have been gardening and dancing! #ilovelimerick #lovelimerick #lovinlimerick #limerickisolation

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A local couple has recently posted a wholesome, uplifting video of themselves dancing in their yard during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The three-minute video featuring the Bedfords of Meelick has already been viewed over 175,000 times. People cannot get enough of this couple happily dancing together despite the current quarantine. 

With over 49 years of marriage, Anne and Martin Bedford have been through it all together, but this situation presents a different type of problem. As both are 68, they have been self-isolating in their house for seven weeks, as instructed by their 4 children. 

One evening, Anne decided to go outside their house and start dancing. Playing along with the fun, Martin joined in. Anne said,  “It all started out as a joke. We were out gardening. We have a massive garden – it’s fantastic. Alan Titchmarsh wouldn’t get a look in. I absolutely love it. Martin had some music he had recorded and he brought his amplifier out. He is very good on the keyboard. I just said for the fun of it to take a picture of the two of us dancing.  Then he decided to videotape it!”

To capture the moment, Martin recorded Anne’s performance on his phone. He placed the phone on a tripod so he could join in on the fun as well. The two waltzed to the tune ‘Midnight and Moonlight’.

After the Bedfords filmed their footage, Martin sent it to their family WhatsApp group chat. Their daughter Harriet took matters in her own hands from then on. On Wednesday, April 21, she contacted I Love Limerick and asked us to post the the video on I Love Limerick’s Facebook page and since then the video has garnered over 175,000 views.


Anne and Martin Bedford together, both 16 years-old.

Anne laughed about the incident, saying, “And of course he sent it to Harriet. I call her Miss Facebook so that’s how it took off from there”.

Harriet talked about her initial reaction to her parents’ video, saying, “When I first saw the video, I felt really emotional and had a little cry. I thought ‘how lovely to see my parents together dancing in their back yard while cocooning’.”

“I was also a bit surprised as my dad recorded it, and he would not be the best with his phone. I loved the fact it was a spur of the moment and turned out so beautiful, capturing them in their gardening clothes. Even mam still had her gloves on,” she laughed. Bedford

“I would like to thank all the people who shared and viewed the video and posted lovely positive comments on the video. For all who are self-isolating or cocooning, put on some of your favourite music. Have a dance around the kitchen garden wherever you can and have some fun. It’s a hard time for everyone, but if we stay at home and do what needs to be done, we will keep our loved ones safe, and the sooner we can all enjoy each others’ company again. I would like to say stay safe and wash your hands!” dford

Harriet also discussed the video’s quick popularity and how it got so many views in such a short amount of time saying, “I think the video got so popular because it was real and showed how two people who are married 49 years still share precious moments in these challenging times while been away from family and having to stay at home. It brought up memories for a lot of people who saw the video.”

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