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Bellissimo Wigs Tailored to the Customer offers Limerick an Invaluable Service

Pictured: Fiona O’Connor of Bellissimo styling a customer’s wig.

Bellissimo Wigs Tailored to the Customer offers Limerick an Invaluable Service

Bellissimo located on the Dock Road, Limerick, specialise in wigs and hairpieces made from both synthetic and human hair for people suffering from thinning hair, alopecia or those undergoing medical treatment.

Bellissimo Wigs

Bellissimo wigs are tailored to your preferences

Bellissimo has a private fitting room where your wig consultation will be dealt with discreetly and professionally. This private consultation room provides confidentiality and also allows you to find the perfect wig for you by providing you with a space to discuss exactly what you want. Bellissimo wigs are not only easy and convenient but also specially tailored to the customer. The Monofilament fibre used in their hairpieces is structurally almost identical to actual hair in both appearance and touch but without any of the drawbacks of maintenance, which is of huge benefit to those undergoing medical treatment. The private fitting room at Bellissimo is a peaceful, calm space where clients can choose their hairpiece, which is styled to their taste by a top stylist. The stylists work with you to find the style that is right for you and give you professional instruction in the fitting, care and handling of your new hair. Their aim is to create the perfect piece for you and help you with and queries you may have.

Bellissimo wigs

Bellissimo wigs come in a range of different colours, cuts and textures.

 Full and partial pieces are all available in a wide range of colours in order to suit any specificities or preferences the customer may have. Bellissimo’s aim is to make you feel the most comfortable and confident as possible.

 Not only can you get the perfect tailor made wig, but to help further tailor and customise your wig and keep it looking and feeling it’s best, Bellissimo offer a wide range of aftercare products and accessories. Bellissimo stock head scarves, turbans, hats, wig caps, shampoo and conditioner, tip fluid, wig stands, brushes, and semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. Bellissimo also offer a wig blow dry service to make you feel even more glamorous in your wig.

 Bellissimo is working in conjunction with the HSE to provide support, both financial and cosmetic, to the necessity wearer. Their goal is to make you as comfortable and happy as possible in your Bellissimo wigs. Bellissimo’s coordinator liaises with the HSE on behalf of their clients and looks after all the paperwork. This means that your wig experience can be stress-free as Bellissimo want to make this a good experience for you. If you wish to apply for HSE funding, all you need to bring is a referral letter from your GP or oncology department and your medical card. Some health insurance providers also offer a contribution towards the cost of your new, wonderful, custom-made wig. 

Bellissimo wigs

Bellissimo wigs have a wide range of accessories to go with your wig.

One client Mary O’Loughlin from Limerick commented, ” I cannot thank Bellissimo enough. My stylist was so kind, yet professional and she made me feel at ease at such a difficult time in my life. She guided me through the process and I was delighted with my new hair piece”

 As well as their high quality, custom made Bellissimo wigs, Bellissimo is also welcoming people worried about thinning hair to stop by. Thinning hair is a common occurrence among women, especially those after having a baby. Customers are always asking stylists at Bellissimo how they can promote hair growth and how they can achieve a thicker, fuller head of hair. Bellissimo is encouraging people who are having this issue to come into their salon and speak to one of their specially trained Nioxin specialists. They have reported that 70% of users notice thicker, fuller hair in just 30 days.

Bellissimo Wigs

For Bellissimo, the customer is always their priority.

Darragh Curtin, owner of Bellissimo said, “My dad once said to me ‘sure you’ll do the best you can’ and that simple mantra has served as a guide for my own life. I am deeply proud of the service that we offer for wigs and of the team that deliver that service. Losing your hair is very traumatic for most people and for cancer patients this can be one further challenge in an already life-changing year. ‘Doing the best we can’ is about making the wig process as simple as possible for you; with privacy, discretion and professionalism. Highly trained, experienced wig technicians guide you through the process from consultation to fitting and cutting/styling in our private wigs room. To further simplify the process and to minimise delays for yourself our coordinators look after all the paperwork and dealing with HSE for you. We deal with numerous suppliers so that we can offer the most extensive and on-trend ranges of both human hair and synthetic pieces. We are honoured to be able to offer Limerick and beyond this invaluable service.”

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