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Bothar is an Irish charity that enables families and communities worldwide to overcome hunger and poverty and to restore the environment in a sustainable way. The charity operates in both Ireland and the United Kingdom, specialising in helping poor farmers in Africa and third world countries to become self-sufficient by giving them livestock. They provide education and veterinary back up, and the livestock they send include cows, goats, camels and pigs, and trees. Bothar also educates the public in Ireland about global poverty.

Bóthar is part of a community of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) using livestock as a development aid, and wouldn’t be able do the wonderful work it does all over the world without the help and support of its not-for-profit and corporate partners all over the world.

Bóthar and Limerick are deeply linked as the organisation originated here back in 1989, before going national. It began as an enterprise to send as many dairy cows to Africa as possible in 1991 as part of the celebrations to mark the three hundred years of the Treaty of Limerick. It’s head office is located in Old Clare Street, Limerick.

You can donate any amount of money you want, or donate an animal, to the charity on Bóthar’s website. You can also choose to volunteer, as although they don’t have overseas opportunities for those interested in volunteering, they always need people to help out in Ireland. There are many areas in which people can get involved, such as church gate collections, a public speaker for Bóthar, operate a stall at a promotional event, to host one of their coffee mornings, or to take part in events organised by the charity, for example their annual trek, or a ladies mini marathon. Bóthar has undertaken a wide range of activities for fundraising, from abseiling and car boot sales, to no uniform days and zodiac readings.

 For more information on Bóthar, check out their website here

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