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Why I Love my Job by Anna Coffey, owner of Braw, Artisan Chocolatier 



Braw handcrafted Easter eggs pictured being created above by Anna Coffey Lynch, owner of Braw. Picture: Kirsty Lyons

Why I Love my Job by Anna Coffey, owner of Braw, Artisan Chocolatier  

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Jade Crowe    

Chocolate fanatics can rejoice as Limerick-based artisan Chocolatier Braw launch a line of limited edition, luxurious, handcrafted chocolate eggs in time for Easter.   



Anna Coffey Lynch is an exceptionally talented pastry chef. Picture: Kirsty Lyons

Braw is the new chocolatier business, established under Anna Coffey Lynch that is taking Limerick by storm. Anna is an exceptionally talented pastry chef who spent four years in the position of Head Chocolatier in Cocoa Atelier, which is in Dublin. Anna has also worked in many renowned Irish restaurants including Adare Manor.   

Anna’s business has flourished over the last few months and for Easter, she will be releasing her newest creation, handcrafted Easter eggs that include two very distinct flavours. However, be quick, as Anna is only making one hundred of each egg.   

What was your childhood like and where did you grow up?   

I grew up in Dooradoyle and it was great with so many other kids my age living nearby. I only have fond memories of growing up in the ’90s and Dooradoyle was a lot smaller then.   

Have you always had a passion for working with food from an early age?   

I have always enjoyed food, but I never thought I wanted to work with food until I was much older. My mother who loves cooking, never let us into the kitchen as she was always baking and cooking. I remember having one of those pretend ovens as a child so maybe I was on to something!   

What inspired you to become a pastry chef?   

I find that following a recipe and having a creation, as a result, is incredibly enjoyable. Desserts and pastry are very precise recipes, and it is satisfying to see them work out. Baking became my therapy during my college years, I was able to create something and feel a sense of achievement. I was excited to make my hobby into my job.   

What was it like working in some of Ireland’s top restaurants?   

Restaurant work is very hectic but rewarding and a crucial step in any chef’s path. Working in restaurants will teach you how to work fast but with uniformity.   

When did the idea of creating Braw come about?   

When the first lockdown came about in 2020, I was at home and began baking for friends and family, just to keep busy. My baking started to grow and soon I was getting requests and sending all over Ireland, I moved to a production kitchen unit soon after. Braw was always a business I had planned in the back of my mind, but I didn’t expect it to happen when it did.   

Have you faced any struggles along the way with setting up your business?   

Initially, it was difficult to find a kitchen space in the middle of a lockdown however, I have had so much help and support from friends and family and others in the hospitality industry, so I think it has made it much easier overall.   

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become a pastry chef?   

Get as much experience as you can and work in various places to see what you like. Even a day of working for free in a kitchen will teach you a lot about that kitchen. Read books on pastry and practice!   

What do you love most about your job?   

 I love getting to be creative and getting to eat the best chocolate all the time! I also work with people who love food, desserts, and chocolate as much as I do.   

What is something special about your job and how does it stand out from other professions?   

I think with being a pastry chef you can never have two days the same. You are always creating new things and looking ahead. It’s a fast-moving, creative job.   

What do you love about Limerick?   

The people are the best part of Limerick by far but also the size of the city makes it small enough to feel like you can get to know it well but still be in a city. Limerick also has the River Shannon right in the city centre. The Milk Market is also a treasure in the city for anyone with an interest in food or history.  


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