Bressie visits Castletroy Park Hotel this September 29

Bressie visits Castletroy Park Hotel

The Castletroy Park Hotel is delighted to announce that Niall Breslin, more notably known as, Bressie will be delivering a keynote speech on Mental Health and Well Being this Thursday, September 29 at 7pm. The well-known Irish mental health activist will also be participating in a question and answer session after his keynote speech.

Bressie is a retired professional rugby and inter county football player, a multi-platinum selling songwriter and music producer, public speaker and documentary maker who comes from the midlands town of Mullingar in Co. Westmeath.

The West Meath native previously played Gaelic football for WestMeath and was a Leinster rugby player, representing Ireland at Under-21 level in the Rugby World Cup.

However, sports isn’t his only talent as he is also known for his contribution of amazing vocals and guitar playing with the pop band, “The Blizzards”.

Bressie most recently published a book entitled, ‘Me and my Mate Jeffrey’, dedicated to his personal journey battling with a mental illness and has been a best-selling novel on the shelves for some time now. The book has helped to create a dialogue about mental illness nationwide.

Bressie is the co-founder of the website and says that it’s “about exploring positive and proactive ways of improving your emotional wellness and helping you deal with whatever mental stresses you may go through.”

Bressie set up his own blog, “My 1000 hours”. The blog is focused on holistic fitness. The mental health guru posts regular simple and practical ways to deal with, manage and improve mental health.

The “1,000 hours” refers to Bressie’s aim of running that many hours, as he strongly encourages physical exercise as a form of improving one’s mental health, a fact tried and tested. Bressie visits Castletroy Park Hotel.s

This intimate up close and personal experience with Bressie is one not to be missed and it is advised to get your tickets soon to guarantee entrance and a chance to talk to the man himself.

Tickets are priced at cost of €12 and can be purchased here.

The keynote speech will also be broadcast live to the business center of the Castletroy Park hotel, this ticket is FREE and will also be available here (From Friday the 16th of September), please note that booking is required given the level of interest.

Check out My 1,000 hours here.

Follow Niall Breslin on Twitter here.

Read more about Niall Breslin here.





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