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Spin Southwest DJ Meghann Scully Book Broken Love launched in House

Pauline Scully and Meghann Scully celebrating the Limerick launch of Broken Love. Picture: Zoe Conway/ilovelimerick.

Spin Southwest DJ Meghann Scully Book Broken Love launched in House

By ilovelimerick correspondent Zoe Conway

Last Friday night, March 30th, in House Limerick, Meghann Scully launched her first ever book Broken Love. The book is inspired by the pain and loss she experiences as a teenager following the death of both her father and brother.




At the young age of twenty-seven Meghann has embarked on the brave story to tell her story of not only experiencing pain and grief but of overcoming it, through her book. At the young age of fifteen, her only sibling, Marcus was killed in a tragic car crash, only a year and a half before her father passed due to an illness.

An excerpt from her book explains the moment of pain when she first found out her brother was dead, reading, “My mother fell to the floor crying. I remember just not wanting anyone to touch me because I didn’t believe it was really happening”.

Despite the tragedy and the pain, she has managed to create something beautiful from it. Her book, ‘Broken Love’ was written in the hopes to help teenagers deal with grief in a way that she wished was there for her when she needed it most.

The entire journey started with her time studying for a masters degree in Journalism in NUIG. She started what she thought would be a simple blog, “just a girl telling her story”, but in fact ended up becoming the starting point for her first book.

Her story is so inspirational and essential to the younger generation, as it shows not the story of someone decades older who achieved all these things in a different era, but rather the story of someone who overcame so much pain and became so successful.

Meghann is currently a DJ in Spin Southwest as well as a columnist in the Limerick Leader. She has managed to grieve her brother and father and still attended college, not just for a bachelor’s degree, but for a masters degree also. She is an inspiration to any and all teenagers struggling with the loss of a loved one, as she proves that even when your heart is breaking, you can fix it.


To buy Broken Love, go here.

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Pictures by Zoe Conway/ilovelimerick

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