Bualadh Bos Summer Camps

Bualadh Bos Summer Camps

Following on from the success of the Bualadh Bos Children’s Festival last October the Lime Tree Theatre will now run the Bualadh Bos Children’s Summer Camps  this July.

The Bualadh Bos Summer Camps will have a fantastic team in place, they will work with the children through performing and visual arts to develop confidence, self-expression, creativity and teamwork.

”The theme of the camps will focus on traditional tales that the children will reinvent through a newly formed programme created by experienced lead facilitators.” Ms Donlon expressed at the launch of the Bualadh Bos summer camps on Monday 30 March. Distinguished performer, actress and arts teacher Jean McGlynn will be accompanied by Irish Chamber Orchestra outreach officer and musician Kathleen Turner and puppeteer Emma Fisher at both summer camps in July. 

An exhibition of the children’s work will be presented to families and friends on the last afternoon of the camp week.

”So, if your child loves to climb beanstalks, sail the seven seas, slay dragons, or venture into the woods, join us on a magic carpet ride through the world of theatre and the arts. Fun and adventure guaranteed!’ mentioned Ms Donlon.

The three groups are the following:

Group 1: 1st & 2nd Class

Group 2: 3rd & 4th Class

Group 3: 5th & 6th Class

Capacity: 20 per group.

The camps will take place from:

Week 1: 6th – 10th  July

Week 2: 13th – 17th July

Please call Sadhbh McCoy on 061 774784 or email [email protected] for more details.
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