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Look for Local – Shop Leather, Luggage and Sustainability at Carews 



Carews – Pictured above are Richard Lynch, I Love Limerick and Cllr Daniel Butler, Mayor of Limerick City and County, with Richard and Annette Carew at Carew’s on William Street, who have been providing stylish, quality and affordable leather bags and luggage going back four generations in their Limerick shop. Picture: Farhan Saaed/ilovelimerick.

Look for Local – Shop Leather, Luggage and Sustainability at Carews 

By I Love Limerick correspondent Rachel Petticrew


Daniel Butler, Mayor of Limerick City and County (on right), with Annette and Richard Carew of Carews inside the store. Picture: Farhan Saaed/ilovelimerick


A new campaign run by I Love Limerick asks Limerick consumers to look for local when shopping for products, services and experiences.

Carew’s is a fourth-generation, family-owned leather goods store on 55 William St, Limerick City, dating back to 1885. The store has kept up to date by stocking a range of bags, schoolbags, belts and luggage, while also providing an upcycling business in the back of the store. 

One of the oldest stores in the city, the shop was opened in 1885 by James Carew. The store first opened as a leather merchant, the retail shop of the famous O’Callaghans Leather Tannery in Limerick City, where James Carew was a manager. When the tannery retail shops closed, James decided to open up on his own. 

“When James’ son died, my father came on board and from there, the shop was passed to me and now to my son John,” owner Richard Carew tells I Love Limerick. 

Richard, who runs the shop with his wife Annette, has worked in Carew’s since 1968. 

“When the shop first opened, leather was a huge product and the store traded in leather hides as well. Things have changed since then, but we have kept onto the leather as much as we can,” Annette explains from behind the counter. 

“Nowadays, you have to buy a whole hide to get a small bit of leather, which makes the business really expensive.”

This has not stopped the Carew’s, however, who stock beautiful, high-quality leather goods such as holdalls and briefcases. The shop also sells a range of leather care products. 

Carew’s stocks high-end luggage brands Samsonite and Jump Paris, as well as popular ladies handbag brand Kipling. 

“I am the front face of the shop, I welcome people in,” laughs Annette. 

“I think the personal touch is very important, one to one interaction. We are here to advise people and provide them with a positive shopping experience.”

The Carew’s understand the importance of shopping for leather goods in person and encourage their customers to come in and see products for themselves.

“When we were closed during the pandemic, our calls increased because shoppers wanted to know more about certain products they saw on our website. The in-store experience is something that you just don’t get online.”


Carew’s promotes sustainability by operating a reupholstering and leather restoration business at the back of the store. Pictured here is owner Richard Carew. Picture: Farhan Saaed/ilovelimerick

The store has moved with the times, however; its modern website is hugely successful and used by consumers all over Ireland.

Carew’s promotes sustainability by operating a reupholstering and leather restoration business at the back of the store. Passionate about reducing by repairing, the staff at Carew’s are more than happy to help customers with any refurbishment queries they may have.

“We’re very lucky here in Limerick City to have businesses like Carew’s,” says Mayor of Limerick City and County Daniel Butler.

“As all our businesses reopen, it’s more important than ever to support the small businesses in your community. I’m asking Limerick people to Look for Local, whether you’re thinking of buying treats or gifts, food, going on a day out or using a service.  Small businesses are the lifeblood of our cities, towns and villages, providing vital economic activity and employment opportunities. These are the same businesses that local sports clubs and community groups go to each year when we are looking for prizes and sponsorship every year. By Looking for Local we can all support jobs in our community.”

For all your leather, luggage and upcycling needs visit Carew’s at 55 William St, Limerick City or shop online HERE

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