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The CARI Foundation

The CARI Foundation

The CARI foundation is a registered charity that has two full time centres in Dublin and Limerick. As well as this, CARI provides outreach therapy sessions in Meath, Galway, Kerry and Wicklow. The CARI foundation is the leading voluntary organisation providing child centered specialised therapy and support to children, families and groups affected by child sexual abuse.

CARI helps those who have been affected by abuse and supports them during their recovering process, working to ensure that child sexual abuse is seen as an experience but not a defining event in the child’s life. The foundation gives children a safe environment filled with hope, trust and confidence which leads them to a path of recovery through therapy. CARI also provides therapy to children, up to and including 12 years who are showing signs of sexualised behaviour. Those that have gone through therapy with CARI are welcome to return at any time for further support and therapy. Therapy at CARI is provided by trained and experienced psychotherapists and each client is offered an appropriate treatment plan to meet their needs.

As CARI is a charity, they depend heavily on the donations from the public. In order to raise the funds they need to help children, they encourage people to take part in challenges like the Dublin ‘way to go’ Hill Walk, the Great Limerick Run, Cork City Marathon and much more, all in the name of raising funds for CARI. ‘From Me to You’ is a fundraising programme aimed at encouraging students to work together and helping young people so they can move forward and not have their lives defined by the trauma of sexual abuse.
CARI are always looking for volunteers willing to help and work with them. Whether you can spare a few hours or many, your input is deeply value

CARI has a team of specially trained Helpline Advisors available from Monday – Friday from 9.30am – 5.30pm. Their Helpline number is 1890 924 567. It is a specialised, confidential national service.

For more information on The CARI Foundation, check out their website here!

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