Clares Wish Foundation

Clare's Wish Foundation

Clare’s Wish Foundation is a Limerick based charity and was founded in 2013. Clare’s Wish was set up in memory of Clare Clancy who passed away when she was just 24 years of age. After Clare and her Family moved to Limerick she became a huge fan of the entertainer, Red Hurley. She admired Red, buying his records and decorating her room with posters of Red. Clare’s biggest wish was to meet Red, which came true in September 1978. Red spent hours with Clare that day, talking, singing songs from his album and then giving her a signed album. After the founder’s father passed away in 2011, he then joined a number of charity organisations including St. Johns Ambulance service and a local children’s charity “Share a Dream”. After years of working in retail, with great desire he decided to set up a foundation that would help and grant the wishes of Adults with life-threatening conditions. It would be the only charity that grants wishes to Adults.

Clares Wish Foundation is based in Limerick and is made up of a team of seven. The members of the team come from various charitable backgrounds, and other various backgrounds. Along with the main team of seven, people from the community also volunteer with the organisation. The main objective of Clare’s Wish Foundation is to set out and grant the wishes of adults so they too can receive the sense of fulfilment and enjoyment just like Clare did before her passing. Clare’s Wish set out to be honest, open and transparent disclosure in their fundraising from the public. They will set out to make the experience one that is to remember, executing each wish to the highest standard and with great quality. Not only do the strive for excellence but they also set out to have fun and to make sure each wish that is granted, a wish to remember.

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