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Cleeves Riverside Quarter Cleeves Riverside Quarter


WATCH – Limerick Twenty Thirty programme moves onto Cleeves Riverside Quarter  



Limerick Twenty Thirty’s programme of transforming disused strategic sites will see a key initial step taken on the Cleeves Riverside Quarter.

WATCH – Limerick Twenty Thirty programme moves onto Cleeves Riverside Quarter  

Today Limerick Twenty Thirty’s programme of transforming disused strategic sites in the city will see a key initial step taken on the Cleeves Riverside Quarter with the commencement of the procurement process for consultants to assist in its development. 

The Cleeves Riverside Quarter is an iconic site of approximately 10 acres located on the northern bank of the river Shannon in Limerick City Centre.  It is zoned ‘City Centre Area’ in the City Development Plan, and deemed suitable for a number of uses including commercial, residential and educational. 


Limerick Twenty Thirty Strategic Development DAC (LTT) is tasked with delivering a visionary development at the historical site, which has significant socio-economic potential for Limerick and the wider Mid-West region. 

LTT CEO David Conway said “We have completed the Gardens International project, which is already an award-winning development and the Opera Site development is currently at planning.  Cleeves is the next major project and this week we have set about getting a team in place to bring this to the next stage by commencing the procurement process. 

Cleeves has enormous potential to become another key stimulant for Limerick and wider Mid-West region. The former industrial site has great historical significance and has some tremendous architectural features also to work off.  In terms of scale, this will be one of the biggest city centre developments outside of Dublin.  We have set a high standard with Gardens International so Cleeves will be an exciting project to work on.” 

The three services sought in the procurement process launched this week are an Architect led Design Team, Project & Cost Management and Planning Consultancy. 

LTT has submitted a Contract Notice for the services on e-tenders and the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) seeking ‘Suitability Assessment’ submissions from interested applicants for the three individual lots.  This is the first stage of a two-phase Restricted Public Procedure, with a closing date of 31 July 2019. Stage 2 will involve inviting successfully shortlisted candidates to submit tenders for the respective appointments. 

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