Northstar Project 10th Annual Service of Commemoration and Hope

Commemoration and Hope Exhibition

10th Anniversary of  Northstar Family Support Project’s Annual Service of Commemoration and Hope Exhibition

Since 2009 the Northstar Family Support Project has been hosting their Annual Service of Commemoration and Hope for the city of Limerick and surrounding areas. The idea of holding such a special evening is to remember our loved ones who have been sadly lost through drug and alcohol misuse. Furthermore, the goal is to offer support and hope to the families who have been left behind, those dealing with addiction in their lives and those in recovery.

2018 marks the 10th Anniversary of this unique service and to honour this momentous occasion Northstar Family Support Project are hosting 3 events to acknowledge the significance and impact this service has had on the people of Limerick. A Planning Group made up of Community Representatives along with participants and staff of the Northstar formed earlier in the year to begin preparations for such a meaningful celebration.

Commemoration and HopeOn Monday the 1st of October the Launch of the 10th Anniversary Service of Commemoration and Hope Exhibition will take place in City Hall at 12 pm. This will showcase all the amazing art pieces that the participants of the Northstar project have made, specifically for the service, down through the years. The striking creations demonstrate various aspects of people’s experiences with addiction and powerfully display the importance of holding on to hope and believing that there are better days to come.

Following on from this the exhibition will be open for viewing from Tuesday the 2nd to Friday the 5th of October between 9 am and 2 pm daily. The public are encouraged to take the time to visit City Hall and immerse themselves in a journey that has unfolded over the last 10 years.

Then on Thursday the 4thof October, the 10thAnnual Service of Commemoration and Hope will get underway at 7 pm in the Augustinian Church on O’ Connell Street. The evening will involve songs, music, poetry and personal stories about addiction. The theme this year is “A Reflection of Hope, Healing and Nurturing”. Once again, the participants of the Northstar have been working hard on fashioning beautiful canvasses which represent symbolic elements taken from each of the art pieces from previous years. They echo the strength people have gained from trusting and embracing hope, the healing they have found and the nurturing they experienced throughout their self-exploration. These all encapsulate the notion that, 10 years on from when the Service of Commemoration and Hope began, Limerick today is now a strong community united.


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