Conor Cusack visits St Munchins College

Conor Cusack visits St Munchins College

The students of St Munchins College took thirty minutes away from their studies on Tuesday afternoon as Cork hurler Conor Cusack came to campus to give a lesson on life. Released from the poetry of Yeats, from classes on trigonometry and the digestive system the boys heard one of the nation’s finest storytellers. However Conor’s tale was no work of fiction but a confession from the heart. It told  of a young boy’s descent into a world of darkness and his gradual healing. Conor spoke of the need to address our emotional well being and the need for us to confront the things we conceal behind masks of our own making. Quoting Paulo Coelho he reminded us that “man is most powerful when he is willing to be vulnerable.” We need to talk!

It was a sobering , inspirational and occasionally heart breaking account delivered with admirable honesty and courage. Speaking afterwards the College Principal Mr. David Quilter endorsed the sentiments, summarising that while like all schools St Munchins is an institution with rules and regulations, it was also a place where we all endeavour to support each other and cultivate an atmosphere in which each individual is valued and appreciated. As if to paraphrase some of Conor’s speech he remarked to the students “We will listen to you twice as much as we talk to you. Always have the courage  to speak.”

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