Cranberries Inspire Sign Art Installation Presented to LIT

Cranberries Inspire Sign Art Installation

Cranberries Inspire Sign Art Installation in LIT – Pictured at the unveiling of the piece at LIT was, Prof. Vincent Cunnane, President LIT, Fergal Lawlor, The Cranberries, Mike Fitzpatrick, Head LSAD and Tom Collins. Picture: Alan Place

Cranberries Inspire Sign Art Installation Presented to LIT

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Jordan Mac Cormaic

The title of the Cranberries 1993 debut album ‘Everybody Else is Doing It So Why Can’t We’ has inspired a sign art installation unveiled today in Limerick Institute of Technology’s Moylish Campus. The sign art installation was created by sign painters Tom Collins and Sean Starr.

Piquant Media’s video showcasing the creation of the sign

Texas-based sign painter and illustrator Sean Starr collaborated with Limerick sign painter Tom Collins to create the 10ft high 15ft wide hand painted sign placing the title of The Cranberries debut album centre stage on a large cloud.

The two traditional sign painters connected via social media and a working relationship between the pair developed when Collins invited Starr to take part in ‘Love Letters From Limerick’ a sign painting event hosted in Limerick city in 2014.

Following the completion of the sign art, it was temporarily installed on the exterior of Brown Thomas Retail in Limerick’s city centre. Commenting on the search for a permanent home for the artwork Collins said:

“We wanted the sign to inspire and to reach as many people as possible. We looked at locations throughout the city and here at LIT we have found the perfect home; there are hundreds of young people coming through the doors every day and I hope this message speaks to them.”

The Cranberries sign art was unveiled in Limerick Institute of Technology today at an event attended by Vincent Cunnane, LIT President, Mike Fitzpatrick, Head of Limerick School of Art & Design (LIT), and Cranberries drummer Fergal Lawler. 

Commenting on the installation LIT President Vincent Cunnane says:

“For me, there is something about this sign that really resonates for us, and it’s the title, the phrase “Everybody Else is Doing it, so Why Can’t We?” That is a powerful question, and it’s one that we ask every single day because what this institute does is provide access to education for everybody.”

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