Creatives Against Covid-19 campaign calls on the creative industry to help support women and children in need

Creatives Against Covid 19

‘Hope is on the Horizon’ by Limerick’s own Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Liam Madden, one of the hundreds of submissions to the Creatives Against Covid 19 poster campaign in aid of the ISPCC Childline and Women’s Aid.

Creatives Against Covid-19 campaign calls on the creative industry to help support women and children in need

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Mary Doyle

Creatives Against Covid-19 is a campaign which has called on members of the creative industry to design and donate inspiring posters of optimism, resilience, and hope, in aid of Women’s Aid and the ISPCC Childline during this Covid-19 pandemic. Nearly 500 posters have been submitted from illustrators, designers, artists, photographers, typographers and writers from all over the world, and they will soon be made available to purchase for download, or to print, with all funds to be donated equally across the two chosen charities. 

The idea for this campaign originated after reports were issued that both Women’s Aid and the ISPCC Childline are experiencing more traffic than usual during this isolation period, with ISPCC Childline having already noted a 30% increase in vulnerable children seeking help and advice online. Equally, Women’s Aid are deeply concerned about the safety of women and children affected by domestic abuse, as they are forced to spend longer periods of time at home, a place that may not be safe for them. Trapped inside without the sanctuary of work or school, these people need our help now. 

Creatives Against Covid 19

Celine Dee, Co-founder of brand and design agency RichardsDee, where the idea for the Creatives Against Covid-19 campaign originated. Picture: Conor Healy

These reports struck a chord with the RichardsDee team, as they took it upon themselves to put together a creative council, and come up with a campaign that would raise funds for these charities, while also inspiring and instilling hope in everyone who is affected by Covid-19, in keeping with their core belief of Designing Meaningful Change. RichardsDee brand and design agency, founded by partners Celine Dee and Simon Richards in 2012, is built upon the belief that design has the power to inspire positive change among businesses, brands and the world around us. 

A global creative council was established between RichardsDee, Shauna Buckley, Emma Conway, Sarah Doyle, Ryan Kavanagh, Fuchsia MacAree, Rory Simms and The Project Twins, and the campaign ‘Creatives Against Covid-19’ was soon born. Setting out with the aim to mobilise the creative community to help raise much-needed funds for the women and children who are suffering and in need, the overall goal was to come together as a creative force and use collective imagination and skills to design posters of hope, optimism, and resilience. The campaign has seen great success, with over 500 poster entries from every corner of the globe, created and donated by all creatives.

To reframe this crisis into something more hopeful and optimistic, the theme ‘Soon’ was chosen for the poster campaign. This moment in our lives will not last forever. Soon we will be reunited with our families and friends. Soon all the things we enjoy the most will resume. And when they do, we will appreciate them so much more. We will emerge stronger from this crisis, showing more respect and kindness towards each other and our world. Under the positive theme of ‘Soon’ messages of Hope & Optimism, Strength & Solidarity, Togetherness, Kindness and Resilience can be shared with everyone. The posters will spread messages of hope for now and for the future. 

Elaborating on the idea for the campaign, Co-founder of RichardsDee, Celine Dee, said, “This is such a significant time, and it has changed everything. But soon our lives will resume, soon we will be reunited, and soon we will appreciate everything so much more. Throughout history, posters marked significant events and periods, such as World Wars, Obama’s presidency for example, and they symbolise moments in time. We wanted to mark this moment, with powerful content that can reframe this crisis, for people to understand that this will pass soon.”

Commenting on the success of the campaign so far, Celine said, “We never anticipated this level of engagement. We’ve had an amazing response from creatives from all over the world which we now aim to sell and convert into much-needed funds, equally shared between the two chosen charities of ISPCC Childline and Women’s Aid.”

“There’s two sides to this campaign. By donating, you are contributing to two amazing charities that are helping some of the most vulnerable people at this time, and in turn, you receive a beautiful piece of art with a beautiful message, that can be present in your home throughout this crisis and share the message of hope,” she added.

Submissions are now closed, and the posters will soon be available for purchase here from next week, as digital downloads or as beautiful physical prints. All proceeds will be equally donated to ISPCC Childline and Women’s Aid.

Follow the campaign progress on their social media:

Instagram: @creativesagainstcovid19

Twitter: @createsvscovid

Facebook: @creativesagainstcovid19

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