Educate Together Secondary School Open Night 2016

Educate Together Secondary School Open Night 2016

Educate Together Secondary School Open Night 2016, is on this Thursday 4 February, in the South Court Hotel at 8pm. Informing parents, members of the community, members of the press, and other interested parties, on the ethos, values, difference and benefits of Educate Together at Secondary Level and what an ET Secondary School will look like in our community.

Key Speakers include Emer Nowlan, Chief Operating officer of Educate Together, and Gerard O’ Leary Principal of Celbridge Community School. Educated Together hope that you will join them as they endeavor to provide more educational choice to the parents and young adults of Limerick and thank you for your support.

On February 4, Educated Together will present the benefits of their patronage to any and all interested parents. Staff from Educate Together as well as a principal from an Educate Together Secondary School will be on hand to answer queries from the local community and parents hoping to send their children to these new schools.

Social and political pressure is mounting to ensure fair access to state-funded schools however equal access does not stop with entry to primary school. Access to equality based secondary schools is just as important an issue, even more so when you consider that it is these 5 years that prepares our young students for adult life more than any other period in their lives.

Parents of children that currently attend the two Educate Together primary schools in Limerick are calling very loudly for a change to the current secondary school system- to allow their children and the many others in the city that have signed almost 900 Expressions of Interest, access to education that is based on equality, is learner centred, democratically run and co-educational. 4 Educate Together Secondary Schools currently operate in Leinster with plans for 4 more in 2016, including 1 in Cork. The Limerick campaign has a clear message – we want schools in Ireland in which all people have access to an excellent education that is inclusive of all, irrespective of belief system, race, ethnicity, class, culture, gender, language, lifestyle and ability.

Any parent or guardian interested in supporting the campaign, can log onto and complete a short ‘Expression of Interest’ form today. All votes count! For further information please visit the website or contact the parent campaign committee at [email protected]

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