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Electric Picnic sales boost Electric Picnic sales boost


Electric Picnic sales boost for Limerick clothing businesses

Pictures and Story by Maxine Bramley

Electric Picnic sales boost for Limerick clothing businesses

Electric Picnic sales boost for the local area, the vendors on-site, and of course the organisers. 

With the announcement that Electric Picnic 2020’s first ticket release sold out in under an hour over the weekend, it’s fair to say that next year won’t be any different.




However, it’s easy to forget that the effects of this yearly event can also be felt from as far away as here in Limerick by our local business owners.

John Coughlan, the owner of Limericks longest-running vintage shop ‘The Edge Clothing’ says, “over the last few years the number of summer festivals has increased yearly and this has resulted in an increase in sales especially for May, June and late August.”

He continues, “The Edge has been lucky, with vintage shell jackets being a must for festival revelers, especially for Electric Picnic. The big difference now is the number of males buying these items.”

Owner John Coughlan with one of his popular shell jackets at The Edge Limerick. Photo Maxine Bramley

Grace Collier, who runs the popular vintage shop ‘Spice’ also says that Electric Picnic and other festivals are the highlight of her calendar year and says that her entire year revolves around prepping for this busy time.

Collier said, “In terms of how it impacts my business it only impacts it positively and for me, festival wear is where my heart is.”

She continued, “In April I stocked up on shell jackets because I knew by mid-July/ August there won’t be a shell jacket to be got.”

With that said both retailers agree that Electric Picnic has an influence on Limericks economy beyond their vintage clothing niche.

“I believe festivals must have a big influence in sales with other Limerick retailers, especially women buying different outfits to wear each day and of course sales of tents, sleeping bags, chairs, and rain gear,” John says.

Grace said in the frantic lead up to electric picnic she saw her customers coming in with bags and bags from Claires Accessories, Penney’s, Charity shops and more in preparation for this long-awaited event.

“Overall Electric Picnic is a fantastic music festival that is for everyone and I had mams coming in and buying things for [Electric] Picnic, and people from all walks of life and all ages, so it’s an exciting time for my business and Limerick in general,” she says.

“It really is something that Limerick needs to zone in on as driving the economy and do stuff like giveaways and promotions around Electric Picnic as it’s important to acknowledge that it’s something that people are stoked about saving up for,” she adds.

Electric picnic sale boost electric picnic sale boost

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