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Electric Scooters in Limerick Electric Scooters in Limerick


How and Where to Buy Electric Scooters in Limerick?



Electric Scooters in Limerick – The best place to purchase an electric scooter in Limerick is Si Scooters Ireland.

How and Where to Buy Electric Scooters in Limerick?

In recent years, electric scooters have become a popular mode of transportation. This is because electric scooters are environmentally friendly.

They do not emit harmful emissions into the environment. E-Scooters are also cheaper to acquire and run than conventional vehicles. While they are not as fast as conventional vehicles, they are considerably fast and can maneuver through traffic and get you to work and school.




Electric scooters are also easy to ride, and anyone, including kids, can learn how to use them. These are a few motivations for their popularity across the globe. Electric scooters are especially popular in Ireland, where there are current talks about their legalisation for public use, and there are specific rules about electric scooters and how to use them safely.

Limerick is a thriving city in Ireland and one of the best and safest places to own and ride an e-scooter. You can also easily buy e-scooters in Limerick.

Who should buy an e-scooter?

Anyone can purchase an electric scooter, young or old. There are motorised scooters for kids electric scooters for teenagers and adults with driving licenses. You may need to be a validly licensed driver to purchase the product.

Whoever can buy an electric scooter also depends on where you are based. For instance, anyone can buy electric scooters Limerick online or offline.

How and Where to Buy Electric Scooters in Limerick

The best place to purchase an electric scooter in Limerick is Si Scooters Ireland. Si offers next-day delivery within Ireland and customer service is instant. Click on the chat option at the bottom right of your screen to speak to scooter experts.

The platform provides a diverse range of e-scooters at affordable prices. The company provides an easy-to-use platform for consumers to search, find, and purchase products. Si Scooters Ireland also guarantees fast delivery and reliable customer service.

Selection of E-Scooters to Buy in Limerick

Below are some e-scooter options you can consider when choosing the best product:

Okai E500

This electric scooter is uniquely designed for safe riding. It is a masterpiece of design and technology in a small wholesome package.

Electric Scooters

Okai E500

The scooter is a product of more than five and a half decades of hardware production. It is perfect for safe urban transportation with a top speed of 25 km/h and a long-range battery of 280 Wh.

Kugoo M4 Pro

This is a new folding electric scooter with a rubber deck, bright design, and powerful motor (600watt).

Electric Scooters

The electric scooter folds rapidly and conveniently within a few seconds. The scooter is geared up with disc braked, bright front lights, and backlights for safety. It is one of the most innovative products on the market.


This electric scooter features a sleek and durable design with front and rear lights.

Electric Scooters in Limerick 4

Electric Scooters Ireland

It features a kinetic energy recovery system and three riding modes (pedestrian, standard, and sports mode). It is the newest model in the Xiaomi collection with an incredibly powerful motor. It is also highly comfortable and easy to ride.

Kugoo M4

This powerful scooter from Kugoo is one of the fastest-growing global scooter brands.

electric scooters advert

It is designed with quality and safety in mind. It is an affordable yet powerful scooter with pneumatic tires and different speed modes.


This electric scooter features dual motors for increased acceleration and torque. It is a great electric scooter for climbing hills.

Electric Scooters in Limerick 6

Electric Scooters Ireland

It also features a foldable electric scooter design with three-speed or riding modes. It also has a smaller battery than its predecessors, making it lighter and easier to maneuver. The electric scooter also features advanced safety elements for a better riding experience.

What is the best e-scooter to buy?

The market features a wide range of e-scooter models. Varying models suit different people. Below are some things to consider when choosing the best e-scooter to purchase;


A good scooter should have a strong battery for an extended range of good power output. The battery should also be fast charging and safe to use. Battery life should be a minimum 20km


The scooter also needs advanced safety mechanics and constructions for daily applications. It should also feature additional safety features depending on the users for which it is designed. Accessories for safety include, helmet, lock and pump.


The e-scooter should also be durable and constructed for long-term ownership. The last thing you want is to pay a lot of money for a product you will not use for long enough. You can also go for a product with unique construction depending on your needs.


The dimensions also determine the right product for a user. Naturally, a scooter for an adult requires larger dimensions than one for a teenager or child. The right dimensions will determine your comfort and safety when using the scooter.


The scooter’s performance is also worth considering. Scooters with dual motors offer higher speed and performance quality. The performance differs from one product to the next, depending on the construction and brand.

Comfort & Cost

The comfort and cost of the electric scooter are also worth considering. The comfort is usually determined by the product’s construction, safety features, and dimensions. On the other hand, the cost usually differs depending on the qualities of the scooter and its manufacturing brand.

Riding Conditions

There are scooters built for varying riding conditions. It would be wise to consider this element when considering the best electric scooter to purchase. There are scooters built for flat terrain and others for climbing hills.

How much are they?          

The cost of an electric scooter depends on the model, design, and brand. The average cost of an electric scooter in Ireland is between €180 – €650 or more. The features you need will also affect the price. If you are looking for an electric scooter as an alternative to your car to help you get around every day, you may want to invest in a high-quality product.

Will e-scooters become legal in Limerick, Ireland?

There is currently a bill in debate in Ireland concerning the legalization and licencing requirements for using and owning electric scooters. E-scooter owners will not be subject to mandatory licenses, taxes, or insurance in the new legislation. The bill will consolidate all traffic laws in Ireland, including Limerick, one of the hottest cities in Ireland. The bill will clarify the requirements and laws around using and owning electric bikes.

When will they be legal in Ireland

The Irish cabinet approved legislation towards the end of 2021. However, the expected legislation will be completed in 2022, after which e-scooters will become fully legal on Irish roads.

Where can I ride one around legally in Ireland?

The new laws apply to all locations in Ireland, including Limerick.

Can you drive one on the road in Ireland?

Yes, you can ride an electric scooter on Irish roads. Previously e-scooters was only allowed for home use.

Do you need a licence for an electric scooter in Ireland?

The new legislation will disqualify the need for licenses for electric scooters in Ireland.

How fast do electric scooters go?

The average top speed for electric scooters for adults is around 42 Km/H. However, most electric scooters have a top speed of about 25 Km/H. It is also worth mentioning that most of them can go quite faster. Currently, the fastest electric scooter can reach speeds of 160 Km/H.

Are electric scooters safe to use?

Electric scooters are safe to use. The best models have advanced safety elements like brakes, front and rear lights, and other safety features.

How long do they last?

The durability of an electric scooter depends on the brand and design. A quality electric scooter can last between three to five years.

How far can they go/travel?

This usually depends on the electric scooter’s battery capacity. Most electric scooters can go up to 30 mph.

How long do e-scooters take to charge?

The average charging time for an electric scooter is about five and a half hours. However, most consumer-grade electric scooters take between three to eight hours to charge.


What is an electric scooter?

This is a vehicle powered by electricity and requires periodic plug-in charging for functionality. An electric scooter is environmentally friendly and facilitates short distances. It does not emit carbon into the environment.

Where can I go for repairs in Limerick?

The best place to get electric scooter repairs in Limerick is from trustworthy e-scooter manufacturers. You can also search the internet for reliable electric scooter repairers. Most of these repairers also offer maintenance services for electric scooters.

How do I make my scooter last?

You can make your electric scooter last by practicing proper charging habits, seeking out maintenance services, and properly storing your scooter. Using the product correctly will also help. You can always follow the user manuals for proper usage and maintenance tips.

Which is the best brand to buy?

There are dozens of electric scooter brands on the market. When choosing the best brand, the best thing to do is consider the reviews and what other clients have to say about the brand.

Brands like XIAOMI, Okai, and Kugoo and known for the quality of their electric scooters.

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