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Ellen Keane podcast ‘The D Word’ is a humorous, emotionally engaging, and thought-provoking podcast series. Ellen Keane podcast ‘The D Word’ is a humorous, emotionally engaging, and thought-provoking podcast series.


Paralympian Ellen Keane launches new podcast ‘The D Word’



Ellen Keane podcast ‘The D Word’ is a humorous, emotionally engaging, and thought-provoking podcast series.

The ‘D-Word’ podcast aims to change society’s perception of people with disabilities

Ellen Keane is a four-time Paralympian swimmer and gold medal winner who was born with an undeveloped left hand.

Four-time Paralympian and gold medal winner Ellen Keane, who was born with an undeveloped left hand, has launched a new podcast supported by Allianz Insurance. The ‘D-Word’ is a humorous, emotionally engaging, and thought-provoking podcast series that explores the world of disability through conversations with leaders in their field who live with a disability or are involved in the disabled community.

 In each episode, Ellen and her guest reflect on the challenges they face, including anxiety, the reaction of others, finding love and the best part about being different. Episode one features James Scully, a two-time Paralympic swimmer and former teammate of Ellen, who retired in 2019.

Season one of the D-Word launched on Thursday, October 27 and is available on Apple, Amazon, and Spotify. Two episodes have already been released, with four more pre-recorded episodes set to air in the coming weeks.

The second episode features guest Hope Gordan, a para canoeist and a para nordic skier, who shares the story of the long and difficult road to getting her left leg amputated against medical advice. She is a three-time World silver medallist.

 Speaking about the launch of her podcast, Ellen Keane, the Allianz brand ambassador said, “The most empowering thing I’ve ever done has been to share my story about my disability. I used to hide my arm because I was so embarrassed to be different. I was terrified of rejection, of being unlovable. I tried to disappear. But then I found the courage to try and embrace my arm, to love my body and this paid off. It’s my magic that has given me so many incredible opportunities in my life and makes me unique.

By sharing my story, I’ve learnt that there are so many people going through what I went through. There are so many people, not just with disabilities, but with insecurities who feel alone in their thoughts. When we share our own experiences, we not only become relatable to those who feel alone, but we educate society about the reality of living with a disability which is why I am delighted to be starting my own podcast ‘The D Word’ and to have Allianz’s continued support with this new venture”

 Sean McGrath, Allianz Insurance CEO, said, “In Allianz, we have supported Ellen since 2017, over those years we’ve seen Ellen go from strength to strength in the pool, establishing herself as one of Ireland’s great sports stars and as a role model to children and adults throughout Ireland through her can-do attitude, courage, dedication and the work she does to normalise disability. We are all different in our own way. It’s those differences that make us special, that allow us to see the world in different ways, to innovate, to create a positive impact and to create a more accepting and considerate society. Allianz has always believed in celebrating our differences, diversity and inclusion in our workplace is incredibly important to us and we are delighted to support Ellen and this series as she continues to advocate for inclusion in society.”

Listen to Ellen’s podcast on Spotify

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