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Equivalenza is the newest one stop shop for all your perfume needs




The Equivalenza Team in the Equivalenza store located on Catherine Street (next to the sage cafe). Photo: Sarah Hayes, I Love Limerick.

Equivalenza let you have your cake and eat it too. Finally there is a high quality, long-lasting and affordable collection of perfumes that compete with even the most expensive and in-demand designer fragrances. No, it´s not too good to be true: At €29 for a large 100ml bottle, €18 for 50ml, and €14 for a handbag-sized 30ml bottle, first-time customers will shake their heads and ask what the catch is: There isn’t one.

Equivalenza make their own perfumes so can afford to be affordable to all their customers. Equivalenza categorize the perfumes into olfactory families using only organic components with no parabens, so no negative effects on your skin or the environment. Equivalenza perfumes are all oil-based eau-de-parfum, rather than the more common eau-de-toilette. This means the gorgeous scent stays on all day as it isn’t watered down.

Laura, Equivalenza’s manager told us, “So all those sceptical customers who asked what the catch is are returning a week later saying they can´t believe the quick spritz they gave themselves before work that morning is still there when they have their feet up watching the 9 o´clock news in the evening.”



Laura went on to say, “It´s an entirely different concept which can sound daunting but at Equivalenza all of our staff are highly trained and know exactly what to recommend to you based on your taste in fragrance no matter how vague or particular.”


Inside the Equivalenza store, all the beautiful perfume! Photo: Sarah Hayes, I Love Limerick.

Are you attached to one particular brand or scent and nothing else will do? Or fallen in love with a perfume but can´t justify forking out a fortune for it? Then make sure you tell the staff at Equivalenza exactly what it is and you´ll be blown away by their equivalent.

For all the gents, don´t despair, there are over fifty men´s fragrances to choose from. There is also a wide selection of aromatics for the home from reed diffusers and wardrobe fresheners, to scented candles and room sprays to match your favourite perfume, even colognes and perfumes for your dogs to bring out the natural oils in their coat and keep them smelling fresh.

Equivalenza think of your skin too, with a range of oil based body mists that keep bare skin feeling moisturized and smelling gorgeous all day or can be used with tanning products to prevent caking and patchiness, and the Bio range gives an array of natural aloe vera and olive oil based organic cosmetics made especially for sensitive skin. This week Equivalenza has introduced the Bulgarian Rose range to their Catherine Street store, with luxurious rose-based creams and natural rosewater for all skin types, especially ageing and delicate skin.

If you haven’t already called to the store at 69 Catherine Street (next to The Sage Cafe) make sure you do, I promise you that you will not walk out without smelling gorgeous or empty-handed!

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