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FIGR debut EP FIGR debut EP


FIGR debut EP ‘GO’ is released to critical acclaim



FIGR debut EP – FIGR aka Darragh Griffin pictured above has just released his debut EP. Picture: Shane Serrano

FIGR debut EP ‘GO’ is released to critical acclaim

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Jade Crowe  

Limerick-based multi-instrumentalist FIGR aka Darragh Griffin has just released his debut EP.  



The new EP entitled ‘GO’, came out on June 4, 2021, and features many well-known names amongst the tracklist including Niamh Hinchy, Conor Clancy, Ronan Mitchell, and Alan Watts. 

FIGR debut EP

‘GO’ is the brand-new EP that has been released by Limerick-based multi-instrumentalist FIGRThe new EP entitled ‘GO’, came out on June 4, 2021, and features many well-known names amongst the tracklist including Niamh Hinchy, Conor Clancy, Ronan Mitchell, and Alan Watts.  

‘GO’ is produced by baselineMUSIC, a progressive company that has worked alongside A-list names such as Courtney Cox and Idris Elba  

FIGR is a self-produced multi-instrumentalist from Limerick, Ireland. Having already found success with the band Hermitage Green and touring sold-out shows right across the globe including performances at some of the most iconic venues in the Middle East, Australia, North America, United Kingdom and Ireland, Darragh Griffin launched FIGR, a solo project in which he wrote, recorded and produced all the tracks. Each one features a different vocalist, creating a unique and original sound.  

Featured on the new EP is FIGR’s previous hit single ‘Long Gone’, which features Niamh Clancy. Niamh is a well-known Limerick backing vocalist. FIGR chose Niamh because her versatility, harmonizing ability and vocal talent was a perfect match for the indie-electronic vibe of Long Gone.    

‘Long Gone’ was written by FIGR after his initial debut single ‘Fear’ which featured Conor Clancy. ‘Fear’ was showcased on RTE and was even featured on the Signal Flow Spotify playlist which was created by Philip Magee.  

‘Fear’ featuring Limerick-based singer Conor Clancy who is from Waterford is also the lead vocalist of the band ‘Toucan’, one of Ireland’s most popular bands at the moment is the second track featured on the EP.  

‘Hey Hey’ featuring Ronan Mitchell is the third single featured on the EP. Ronan, who is a Limerick native also happens to be the frontman of the band Fox Jaw who have just played on Other voices, the country’s most prestigious music show. They have released multiple successful albums over the past 8 years.  

The final single which is featured on the new EP is ‘Life’ with Life ft. Alan Watts and Fiadh Griffin. Watts is an inspirational writer and speaker who is famous for his interpretation of Eastern religions. In a touching tribute, in this single FIGR or Darrah Griffin’s five-month-old daughter, Fiadh Griffin’s heartbeat is sampled throughout this track. 

To listen to FIGR’s new EP ‘GO’ go HERE 

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