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First Lough Gur Wellbeing Day - Sound Healing, Mindfulness, Meditation and more! First Lough Gur Wellbeing Day - Sound Healing, Mindfulness, Meditation and more!


First Lough Gur Wellbeing Day – Sound Healing, Mindfulness, Meditation and more!



Lough Gur Heritage Centre, located 21km south east of Limerick City will offer a well- deserved opportunity to relax, restore and re-energise on May 16th.  The first Wellbeing Day will be held in the beautifully restored lakeside Heritage Centre surrounded by the natural and unspoilt beauty of the ancient and great landscape of Lough Gur. It is the ideal setting to take time out from the hectic pace of everyday life.

To commence at 10am, Emma Hyde Kelly will introduce the gently practice of Kundalini yoga by the shores of Lough Gur. This type of yoga is suitable for all levels and ages. Directly after the outdoor yoga experience (weather permitting), the Sunyata Buddhist Centre will present on an Insight into Meditation. The practice of Insight Meditation, as taught in the Buddhist tradition, involves the cultivation of wholesome attitudes towards our experience of life, resulting in a greater sense of well-being and healing.

First Lough Gur Wellbeing Day - Sound Healing, Mindfulness, Meditation and more!With mindfulness meditation being more and more widely available and accepted, the Sunyata Buddhist Centre will present a holistic view of mindfulness within the framework of the Buddhist approach. They will guide participants through some meditations as well as giving a short talk around the practice and application of meditation as a pathway of transformation in our lives. No experience is required for involvement and participation.

It would not be a Wellbeing Day without addressing the phenomena of Sound HealingMary Mc Laughlin will follow on from the Sunyata Buddhist Centre to enchant the group in attendance. As a professional Sound Healing professional Mary recognises that “In the current movement towards sound healing it is considered that sacred chant has enormous benefits at all four levels of our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual”





In this interactive talk the audience along with Mary will look at how and why chant was used in ancient spiritual traditions as a tool for healing, examining some of the qualities which were common to chant practice in Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and early Christianity. 

As the afternoon of May 16th unfolds, CEO and founder of the Holistic Centre of Excellence, Anna Gibson Steel will present on Mindfulness for the 21st Centre. Mindfulness helps us to direct our attention to what is happening right here, right now, with an attitude of kindness towards ourselves and our experience. This “being with” ourselves is in contrast with more habitual states of mind in which we are often preoccupied with memories, worries or planning. The talk will positively reflect on how to embrace the moment leading towards happier stress free lives. Who would refuse an opportunity such as this one! They key objective at the end of the day will be for individuals attending to leave with a sense of how these practices can be incorporated into everyday living.

Anna Gibson Steel will bring a team of trained energy therapists on the day for those who wish to take part in sampling complimentary therapies such as bio-energy, reflexology and reiki. To end the first Lough Gur Wellbeing Day, Nadine Buttery will lead the group in relaxing Tai Chi to ensure that visitors will float from the lakeside Heritage Centre in complete bliss. Lough Gur have built this programme and invited these very special guests to offer an event to people with an interest in taking a break from it all for just one day. It will introduce many terms that may not be familiar to the majority but will be most useful to everyone. If you have flirted with the idea of mindfulness, yoga or tai chi then this is most certainly the event for you!

                             Tickets: €65 including lunch and refreshments. Limited tickets due to venue capacity

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