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Francophonie Festival: an Exhibition of Mid-19th Century French Drawings

Pictured: Hunt Museum where the Francophonie Festival is being held

An exhibition of drawings by Edme de Saux will be displayed during the Francophonie Festival.

As part of the Francophonie Month in Ireland, Alliance Française organises an annual festival during almost two weeks. In partnership with the Hunt Museum, an exhibition by Edme de Saux will be displayed in the Prologue Room. The opening will take place on March 21st and the presentation will continue until March 31st. Furthermore, interpretative tours highlighting Hunt Museum collection links with France will be delivered on Saturday the 25th.

Francophonie Festival

A drawing by Edme de Saux from the Francophonie Festival



Edme de Saux, whose real name was Edme Perrin de Saux, was born in Beaune in Bourgundy in 1813. He was a landowner, member of the local gentry. A keen traveller, he was also a gifted artist. During his travel through France, he immortalised the landscape and left these wonderful drawings. These drawings are originals, recently found while emptying the attic of an old house in Burgundy.

During the exhibition, visitors would have the opportunity to discover cathedral, small town’s main street, old port, city hall, and much more of the South of France. Moreover, during the morning of the 25th, a French tour will be delivered highlighting objects in relation with French culture and history, collected by John and Gertrude Hunt. The same tour will be delivered in English during the afternoon of this day.

The Hunt Museum preserves and exhibits the original artefacts gathered, over a lifetime, by John and Gertrude Hunt and known as the Hunt Collection. The Museum also displays its own collections, as well as visiting exhibitions of Local, National and International significance with the overall aim of maximising their cultural and educational potential of the people of Limerick and Ireland.

Admissions are free.

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