Friends of the Elderly Limerick Promo


‘Never forget where you come from’, Theresa Hayes, a regular visitor to Friends of the Elderly told us when we went to visit the centre located at the top of Carey’s Road. This non profit, volunteer based group started 22 years ago but two years ago got their own permanent space thanks to a 150,000 Euro donation from Mr.JP Mc Manus and renovations paid for by the HSC. Trevor Bermingham the treasurer of FOTE tells us that ‘JP is considered a legend and hero by all at the centre.’ He also gave them the funding for their very own mini bus! The primary aim of the group is to give elderly people a better social life to prevent them from being isolated in this high tech world. ‘Many elderly people in Limerick have absolutely no visitors and are all alone. No-one deserves to live like that’, Denise Moloney, the secretary of the group tells us. For more info visit

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