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UL Games Society and Tea Appreciation Society take part in Chez le Fab collaboration

UL Tea Appreciation Society, UL Games Society and Chez le Fab Collaboration. Pictured (left to right); Shay Riordan, Chez le Fab owner, Emma Auchincloss, Tea Appreciation Society president, Dean Maloney, Games Society president, and Simon McGlynn, Games Society vice-president.

UL Games Society and Tea Appreciation Society take part in Chez le Fab collaboration

Things were switched up during a Chez le Fab collaboration last Tuesday when University of Limerick’s Games Society and Tea Appreciation Society held a board games event in the much-loved arts café and wine bar.

During the event, society members were able to play a wide variety of board games such as Dixit, King of Tokyo and Sushi Go. New players were more than welcome and there was a warm sense of community throughout the evening as everyone enjoyed their games over delicious teas and coffees. While there was an entry fee, all participants were allowed a free tea or coffee and all menu items carried a slight discount.




“We’re introducing people to new games, hanging out with new crowds, and being very social,” Games Society vice-president Simon McGlynn stated. “I think the event was a great idea.”

President Dean Maloney agreed. “This has been an excellent opportunity for us to branch out and try something new. Collaborating with other societies in the college is a really great thing.”

Chez le Fab collaboration

Tea Appreciation Society was in agreement, with president Emma Auchincloss stating, “I think the event is going well. Everybody’s really enjoying their games along with the tea and coffee. It’s just really nice to see people enjoying themselves.”

Society members also got to view and admire Chez le Fab’s quirky and unique range of artwork, trinkets, and furniture that are on display throughout the café.

The Chez le Fab collaboration with UL’s Games Society and Tea Society was an overall success. It was fantastic to see so many people enjoying themselves and helping each other out over shared interests.

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