Limerick IRGT volunteers to take part in Great Global Greyhound Walk in Adare

Global Greyhound Walk

Global Greyhound Walk – IRGT volunteers pictured at Limerick Greyhound Stadium (L-R): Patricia Tobin, Emma Kennedy, Fionnuala Moloney, James Carey and Joe Sheahan.

Limerick IRGT volunteers to take part in Great Global Greyhound Walk in Adare

Limerick greyhound owners will gather next month as part of the Great Global Greyhound Walk annual event.

The event sees greyhound owners from all over the world take part in a dog walking event that aims to promote the benefits of retired racing greyhounds as pets.

A number of volunteers for the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust, a registered charity that was established and is operated by the Irish Greyhound Board, have organised a walk in Adare, Co. Limerick, on Sunday, 9th June.

The walk is free to attend and is open to all members of the public, whether they own a greyhound or not. Participants are asked to meet on the main street in Adare, opposite Adare Heritage Centre, at 10am.

IRGT volunteer and event organiser, Fionnuala Moloney, said: “Retired greyhounds make for fantastic pets once their racing career is over and this is an ideal opportunity for people in Limerick to see what wonderful companions they are. We’re trying to celebrate greyhounds and promote them as pets as much as possible. The best way to do that is to see them for yourselves. We welcome anyone who wants to come along, whether they own a greyhound or not.”

Welfare Manager with the Irish Greyhound Board, Barry Coleman, added: “Greyhounds make for excellent pets and have an uncanny ability to transition to the family couch with ease. They are best known as couch potatoes, needing very little exercise or special diet. With greater public awareness, we can ensure these prized athletes get the retirement they deserve and equally bring happiness to many people’s lives. Events like this one in Limerick allow people to get close to a greyhound, often for the first time. We’d encourage one and all to come along to Adare on June 9th.”

The Irish Greyhound Board, together with greyhound owners, contributed €212,000 of the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust’s total income of €242,000 in 2018.

The Trust provides financial assistance to private rehoming agencies in Limerick, as well as Clare, Tipperary, Kerry and Belfast.

337 retired Irish greyhounds have been rehomed with IRGT assistance between January and April of 2019, with over 1,000 retired greyhounds rehomed with IRGT assistance last year.

The Irish Retired Greyhound Trust (IRGT) [Registered Charity Number: CHY12127] was established by the IGB and is jointly funded together with greyhound owners to rehome greyhounds after retirement and in promoting greyhounds as domestic pets. Many retired greyhounds are also rehomed throughout Ireland, Europe and North America through charities supported by the IRGT.

The Irish Retired Greyhound Trust recently launched a campaign highlighting theirs and other volunteers’ work in the rehoming of racing greyhounds called ‘Our People, Their Stories’. The 10-part series can be found by clicking here. 

The Irish Retired Greyhound Trust now assists the following Irish Private Rehoming Agencies by providing financial assistance towards either their veterinary costs or their transportation costs:

–          PAWS, Co. Tipperary

–          EMOL Rescue, Co. Limerick

–          Clare Greyhound Project, Co. Clare

–          Clare Greyhound Sanctuary, Co. Clare

–          Great Hounds In Need, Co. Tipperary

–          HUG, Co. Kerry

–          All About Greyhounds, Belfast

The Irish Retired Greyhound Trust continues to source additional rehoming opportunities in Ireland, Europe and U.S. to continue to increase the number of retired greyhounds which are rehomed.

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