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go green sticker campaign go green sticker campaign


Go Green sticker campaign to raise funds for a Limerick charity

Go Green Sticker Campaign – Maria Harper of Harper’s Coffee House pictured with Ciara Brennan, founder of the plant based Happy Food.

Go Green sticker campaign to raise funds for a Limerick charity

Ciara Brennan, the founder of the plant-based Happy Food at Home pop up market stall, has teamed up with Maria Harper of Harper’s Coffee House to raise money for charity.

go green sticker campaign

Help support your favourite Limerick charity and purchase a green sticker.

The Go Green Sticker campaign involves the sale of 500 green stickers which cost 50 cents each with the sale of each one being matched by Ciara and Maria.  The purchaser of the 500th ticket will not only be the recipient of a hamper of Happy Food at Home and Harper’s Coffee House goodies but will also decide which charity will receive the total €500 raised. 

“Maria and I wanted to do something to say thank you for supporting our businesses and at the same time give something back,” said Ciara who started her plant-based enterprise in 2016.  “The green theme is in keeping with the sustainability ethos that Maria and I both share. We strive to use biodegradable and recyclable packaging and many of our weekly customers use ‘keep containers and keep cups’ to be environmentally friendly.”  

The Little Top Café is open every Saturday from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm on the mezzanine floor in the iconic Limerick Milk Market.  Happy Food at Home also operates at other locations throughout the week including the Castletroy Shopping Centre (Tuesday – Thursday), Mary Immaculate College (Thursday) and Ennis Farmers’ Market (Friday).  All dishes are plant-based and feature tasty meat-free staples such as the carrot and almond quinoa burger with a variety of sides – seasonal salads, red rice pilaf and pad Thai are popular regulars. 

Go Green stickers are available to buy on Saturdays from the Happy Food at Home stall and Harper’s Coffee House in the Limerick Milk Market. Visit the Happy Food at Home social media platforms for more details.

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