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Halftraxx and Michael Rice Halftraxx and Michael Rice


Halftraxx and Michael Rice release new single ‘Falling for You’ 



 Halftraxx and Michael Rice pictured above have just released their new single ‘Falling for You’ 

Halftraxx and Michael Rice release new single ‘Falling for You’ 

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Jade Crowe 

Limerick-based duo Halftraxx have just released their new single ‘Falling for You’ with singer Michael Rice. 

Halftraxx is an up-and-coming Irish electronic music duo, consisting of Greg Lynch, also known as JustG and Paul Finnin. The pair came together from their first hit track, ‘Loving You’ with Sarah McTernan and thus Halftraxx was born. 

‘Falling for You’ has just been released and comes after the major success of their previous single ‘Loving You’. 

Halftraxx and Michael Rice

Halftraxx pictured busy in the studio

Halftraxx debut single “Loving You” with Sarah McTernan debuted at number 14 in the Official Irish Homegrown Top 20 Singles Charts, as well as going straight in at number 2 in the Overall Irish iTunes Singles Charts, and number 1 in the Pop sub-genre. ‘Loving You’. received over 1 million Irish radio impressions since its release in February 2021. 

Speaking about ‘Falling for You’, Halftraxx said, When we produced the instrumental for ‘Falling for You’, we wanted a really fun and vibey summer track. One that reminded you of summer, and better times.” 

Michael Rice who is the featured singer of ‘Falling for You’ is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from the U.K. Michael started out as a busker but soon found himself becoming viral across social media platforms. Michael was soon invited to audition for a BBC singing show called ‘All Together Now’ and became the first-ever winner of the hi show which landed him the opportunity to represent the UK at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. 

His song ‘Bigger than Us’ proved to be a major hit in charts across Sweden and Denmark as well as landing him his first UK iTunes Top 10 single. In February 2021, Michael also flew out to Russia to take part in the hit tv show ‘Come on, All Together now’ and landed himself in the grand finale securing him as one of the top vocal finalists. 

According to Michael, ‘Falling for You’ is a track that makes you want to lose control anytime you press play”. 

‘Falling For You’ is available to listen on popular streaming platforms.


To listen to ‘Falling For You’ go HERE

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