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Innovative UL Students set example for clothing industry with Ham Salvage

Ham Salvage students – Ham Salvage are environmental heroes Jack, Stephen and Sam pictured above.

Innovative UL Students set example for clothing industry with Ham Salvage

By I Love Limerick Correspondent By Jake Murphy

Three product design students from the University of Limerick have started their own business supplying second-hand clothing for more-than affordable prices, a business which sets its foundations around sustainability. Jack Harte from Mayor, Stephen Adams from Limerick and Sam Meany from Carlow have called their company Ham Salvage, the name coming from the first letter of each of their second names and Salvage being from another word for recycle or to save something. Ham Salvage students



Sam Meaney of Ham Salvage said, “Our aim is to combat fast fashion through a sustainable clothing outlet. We want to provide people with some of the freshest vintage and reworked clothing around and to do so as sustainable as possible.” Ham Salvage students

Although this sounds like one of already a few businesses around Ireland right now, what sets these guys businesses apart from the others is really a classy touch and a genius piece of marketing. When you purchase an item of clothing from their website and receive it, you will also receive a ‘tree token’. You then snap a picture of your tree token along with your new purchase and add it to your Instagram story tagging the guys at Ham Salvage. Once you do this you receive an email from the guys with a link which enables you to plant a tree in one of many projects around the world. This amazing idea not only gives great advertising for the business but also benefits the world and the less fortunate.

Jack Harte from Ham Salvage commented,  “On average 7kg of clothes go to an Irish landfill every second, so starting Ham Salvage was the perfect way to help!”

Already their Instagram page has amassed almost 2,500 followers, many happy customers and of course trees planted. These trees have helped contribute to the Bore Project in Kenya where the guys have successfully helped plant over 100 trees. The trees they have helped plant are called The Moringa Oleifera tree, a fast-growing drought-resistant tree, it is widely cultivated for its young seed pods and leaves used as vegetables. This tree is also used for traditional herbal medicine and water purification methods. These trees help fight deforestation and climate change by bringing down CO2 levels, the planting of these trees helps the local community by creating jobs.

There isn’t one person who isn’t feeling the knock-on effect of the pandemic in one form or another in terms of their mental health. 

They are changing it up from planting trees this month and next as they feel they should donate to an Irish charity to help the homeless for the coming winter.  They are still just as sustainable and are hoping to encourage everyone shop sustainably too.

Stephen Adams of Ham Salvage said, “We decided to change the focus of how we give back during this difficult time as we read that for Christmas Day 2019 there was over 10,000 people homeless including over 3,000 children which was a difficult number to comprehend. We have decided for the next few months to work with Focus Ireland as they work with people who are homeless or are at risk of losing their homes across Ireland. This will help have more families find a home so they could spend the festive period together and make it that bit more special. We felt that giving back to the community in these difficult times is just as important as giving back to the environment. Focus Ireland need help in offering aid to struggling Irish families in the lead up to Christmas.”

This is a fantastic show of character and creativity from the boys at Ham Salvage and if you are interested in hearing more about them or getting yourself a new item of clothing follow them on Instagram @Ham_salvage or finding them on their website HERE.

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