Headway to open new support centre

Headway to open new support centre on Williams

Headway to open new support centre on Williams St. Photo: Richard Lynch.

Headway to open new support centre. The charity which helps people affected by acquired brain injuries is to open a new support centre in William Street.

Thanks to funding received from JP McManus, Headway now owns the former AIB at Upper William Street. The charity now hopes to transform the three-storey building to an educational centre and office use.

Louise Carey, the services manager says a city centre move will give the charity more visibility – and make its facilities more accessible to the general public. Headway currently operates at Steamboat Quay on the Dock Road.

Headway to open new support centre“We wanted a place which is accessible to clients so they can walk to different facilities. William Street will be more accessible. Not many people know about Headway and what we do. So we will be [on the] high street, Headway will be visible and people will know what we do,” Louise said. At present, Headway supports between 60 and 70 clients with acquired brain injuries, with services including rehabilitation, psychological support, training and employment.

Headway is seeking to change the use of the old bank – which closed in 2012 – and will find out if its planning application is successful next month.

Headway has been established to provide support to those and their families affected by an acquired brain injury. They provide services, procedures, information, facilities, and events that all people can understand and take advantage of. They work with communities to improve accessibility to areas, especially for those with hidden disabilities. Their range of services for adults is accredited by CARF International (www.carf.org) for brain injury speciality.

Their rehabilitation services include rehabilitative training, day rehabilitative services, psychology, therapy and family support, information, outreach, community integration and employment services. Headway also provides education, counselling, and support groups for family members over the age of 18 in a number of their centres around Ireland.

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