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Health Science Graduations. Limericks Student Attractions

Kunchok Dolma and classmates who graduated with a Masters of Science in Nursing Studies from the University of Limerick, Health Science Graduations. Photo: courtesy of Sean Curtin, True Media

Faculty of Education and Health Sciences at the University of Limerick confers degrees on over 300 students at today’s ceremony.

The University of Limerick (UL) today conferred awards on over 300 students of its Faculty of Education and Health Sciences.  The Faculty of Education and Health Sciences provides programmes in education and health, including MSc’s in areas including Psychological Science, Sports Performance and Nursing Studies. Fifteen PhDs were also awarded today, with research topics including ‘The Effect of Strength Training on Performance in Endurance Athletes’ and ‘Compassion Fatigue and Compassion Satisfaction in Foster Cares’.

Many graduates of the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences go on to work in health services and schools in Ireland and internationally.     

Referring to a recent major breakthrough in medical research at the Faculty in his speech at today’s ceremony,  UL President Professor Don Barry said: ‘I cannot let this graduation ceremony pass without mentioning the biggest research news for UL this year or maybe ever.  And that our Chair in Surgery, Professor Calvin Coffey’s ground-breaking research which provides evidence to classify part of the digestive system, the mesentery, as an organ and thereby identifies a new area of medical science to be known as mesenteric science.  In other words, a UL researcher has identified a new organ in the body, one which hadn’t been known about before. This research has prompted an update in the latest edition of one of the world’s best-known medical textbooks Gray’s Anatomy and has brought UL and the Graduate Entry Medical School into the Media everywhere from LA to Japan from CNN to the BBC.’

The Faculty of Education and Health Science at UL last year established a new Health Hub located in the heart of Limerick City.  The Health Hub has been designed to allow UL staff and students to work together to deliver programmes aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of the people of Limerick, complementing UL’s existing models of student education and community-based initiatives.

Health Science Graduations. Photos: courtesy of Sean Curtin, True Media

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