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Jack and sarah are home Jack and sarah are home


PHOTOS & VIDEO Hopes that children of Jason Corbett will return to Ireland this week



Pictured: Tracey Lynch with Sarah and Jack, who will hopefully make their return to Ireland this week.

It is hoped that the children of Jason Corbett will return to Ireland this week, after being placed under the guardianship of Jason’s sister Tracey Lynch and her husband, David Lynch, after a custody battle in the US.

A candlelit vigil was held last night outside City Hall, in support of Corbett family and their efforts to return the children to Ireland.

Family and friends turned out in hundreds in a show of solidarity, lighting candles and praying for the safe return of Jack (10) and Sarah (8).






Limerick Metropolitan Mayor Jerry O’Dea spoke to crowds gathered outside City Hall, thanking the people of Limerick for their unwavering support.

“I’m overwhelmed by the number of people showing their support tonight.. What we can do, as a group and as a city, is what we always do and support our own.”

Fianna Fáil deputy Willie O’Dea also attended the vigil, addressing the crowds: “I’m very, very heartened by the size of the crowd here tonight and the level of support for the Corbett family.”

Simone Dillon, friend and colleague of Tracey, said at the vigil: “On behalf of both families, I can truly say there are overwhelmed with the support of the people of Limerick. Our aim for today was for everyone to come and light candles, to light the way home for Jack and Sarah, to pray for a safe return.”

Mary Fitzpatrick, who has lead the Jason’s Journey fundraising drive, continues to aid the family with her help in organising the vigil.

Acknowledging the efforts made by both Mary and Simone, Jerry O’ Dea said: “These people have been working day and night.. We’ve been doing everything we can and I suppose tonight is the culmination of the efforts of a lot of people.

“We love Limerick and we take care of our own.”

For donation and petition links go HERE

Limerick City and Council opened an online book of condolences as a forum for people to express sympathies and well-wishes for the family. Sign the online book here

Photos by David Woodland for I Love Limerick. All Rights Reserved.

Photos by Louise O’Rahilly for I Love Limerick. All Rights Reserved.

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