The Hunks of Desire Show 2018 – Women’s Little Christmas Celebration

The Hunks of Desire show 2018

The Hunks of Desire Show 2018 – Women’s Little Christmas Celebration

Ladies of Limerick and Munster are welcomed to The Hunks of Desire Show 2018, a sensual sensational Magic Mike style Cabaret Show. The Full Monty Show is the cherry on the pie.

Last year The Hunks of Desire helped out with the heating bill of the Dolan’s Warehouse by turning the venue into a Russian sauna. This year they returning better, stronger, harder.

This is a Ladies Only (and boys that like boys as they are LGBT friendly) celebration night to honour Women’s Little Christmas.

This is an elaborate Stage Show with Hunks dancing in various stages of undress. Expect brave firemen, policemen and charming builders to take to the stage and make sure that the Ladies have the best time of their life.

Women’s Little Christmas is an annual event that celebrates those special women in our lives. As the Christmas and New Year’s festivities have left mothers, wives, girlfriends and sisters tired and in need of a rest, this show offers a well-deserved break to the fantastic ladies of Limerick and beyond.

The Hunks of Desire are professional male dancers that love sending heartbeats racing. Addicted to the stage they have been performing since 2002.

They have done everything from 12-man tours of Europe, in which they wrangled beds on stage for props, to two-man stripograms for hen parties in the bar across the street. There’s a pace to each performance, he says, and an element of showmanship and choreography.

Their unique show has toured Ireland and Europe. Just back from performing in the Sloverotica 2017 Festival in Celje, Slovenia, they start their 2018 tour in Dolan’s Warehouse in Limerick.

Previous performances include their sold-out events in the Bodega, Cork, (in Aid of the DWAG charity), the Two Miles Inn in Midleton (Irish Cancer Society), the Devon Inn in Newcastle West etc. They are delighted to take their show to Limerick and honour the Women’s’ Little Christmas celebrations with a unique show, beautifully choreographed and executed with military precision.

Audiences differ from place to place, but all ages are represented (“sometimes grandmothers and granddaughters at the same show”) and all tastes are catered to.

It is strongly advised that you save some energy for the after party where you will be entertained by the hunks.

Saturday, January 5, 2019, @ 8 pm

Afterparty with the Hunks @ 11 pm

Tickets: €15 ( plus booking fee)


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