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Industry Seminar LIT



Industry Seminar LIT

A manufacturing seminar to hear of  the capabilities of Mid-West and beyond in Industry 4.0 as an opportunity for competitive advantage, will take place on Thursday 31 March 2016 in Limerick Institute of Technology.

Manufacturing professionals are encouraged to attend a seminar backed by the Acorn Research Centre, SNS, Limerick for Engineering and LIT.

Industry Seminar LIT

Dr. Christophe Runde





High powered speakers will outline in a seminar in Limerick this week why manufacturers in the Mid-West and beyond should seek capabilities and skills to support the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 as a competitive advantage.

While the first industrial revolution saw mechanised production using water and steam power, the second introduced mass production based on electric power, and the third was the digital revolution, the fourth industrial revolution will see smart sustainable factories underpinned by the further automation of production using electronics and IT.

The concept of Industry 4.0 originates in Germany, where it is a focus of industrial policy, and at the core of how large manufacturers like Bosch now do business.  One of the speakers at the conference to take place in LIT on Thursday is Dr Christoph Runde, who will be drawing on experiences in Porsche, Fraunhofer and VDC for an Irish manufacturing audience, and will describe progress in Industry 4.0 in Germany.

Other speakers will include Adrian Long, Senior Solution Architect, Johnson & Johnson, who will describe developments and practice in J&J Production Facilities, and Shane Loughlin, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of SL Controls, who will set out the needs for Advanced Manufacturing Facilities in meeting Industry 4.0 standards.

Industry Seminar LIT

Dr Liam Brown

Alongside the conference, there are networking and meet-the-buyer events for companies in the region, with opportunities for SME’s, and a workshop on Recognition of Prior Learning, Work-Based Education and new models for apprenticeships, hosted by LIT.

Dr Liam Brown, Vice-President of Research, Enterprise and Development LIT will open the event, which is free to attend for manufacturing professionals within the region.

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