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‘Everyday Invasives’ is latest in webinar series brought to you by Limerick’s European Green Leaf 2020

Invasive species: The ‘Everyday Invasives’ webinar will help educate people on the importance and impact of invasive species on nature.

‘Everyday Invasives’ is latest in webinar series brought to you by Limerick’s European Green Leaf 2020

Invasive species are all around us. Throughout our countryside, in our gardens, on our river banks. But what impact are these species having on our native species?

‘Everyday Invasives’ is the latest in a webinar series brought to you by Limerick’s European Green Leaf 2020 team and looks at some surprising non-native invasive species and their impacts on our environment.


It also outlines an innovative project to control a particularly nasty invasive without the use of chemicals.

We are all familiar with some of the common invasives, but in this webinar, you will hear about other non-native species that have found their way here, along with some garden plants which we all love, but which represent a real threat to our environment, when they escape from our gardens.

invasive species

Buffle Grass is an example of an invasive species.

You will also hear about the groundbreaking work on the River Loobagh to tackle a particularly nasty invasive called giant hogweed, without the use of chemicals!

The webinar will be presented by Dr Frances Giaquinto, Ecologist and expert on invasive species. The event is taking place on Thursday, July 9 at 8 pm until 8.45 pm

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About Invasive Species:

An invasive species is a species that is not native to a specific location (an introduced species), and that has a tendency to spread to a degree believed to cause damage to the environment, human economy or human health.

The term as most often used applies to introduced species that adversely affect the habitats and bioregions they invade economically, environmentally, or ecologically. Such species may be either plants or animals and may disrupt by dominating a region, wilderness areas, particular habitats, or wildland-urban interface land from loss of natural controls (such as predators or herbivores).

This includes plant species labelled as exotic pest plants and invasive exotics growing in native plant communities. The European Union defines “Invasive Alien Species” as those that are, firstly, outside their natural distribution area, and secondly, threaten biological diversity. The term is also used by land managers, botanists, researchers, horticulturalists, conservationists, and the public for noxious weeds.

This is a European Green Leaf 2020 event #EGLALimerick2020 #EGLA2020.

Webinars will be recorded and made available after the event on the Limerick EGLA2020 YouTube Channel here.

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