Irish Retired Greyhound Trust Visits Limerick Greyhound Stadium

Irish Retired Greyhound Trust

Irish Retired Greyhound Trust Visits Limerick Greyhound Stadium. The Members of Staff from  Cook Medical giving the Dogs, Ted and Julie a good sent off in their retirement at Limerick Greyhound Stadium. Photo: Brendan Gleeson

Cook Medical, who are one of the biggest employers in the midwest got a great surprise when they were visited by two retired greyhounds on Friday night.

Patricia Tobin, on behalf of The Irish Retired Greyhound Trust (IRGT), brought her two gorgeous retired greyhounds Granada Ted and Granada Julie to Limerick Greyhound Stadium. This was to inform and showcase her work and that of all involved in caring for greyhounds up and down the country that have finished their careers and are now being cared and loved by people throughout Ireland and beyond.

Racegoers were delighted and enthralled to see and hear of the great work being carried out by Patricia and the IRGT.

Welfare is a top priority for the Irish Greyhound Board (IGB). The Welfare of Greyhounds Act 2011 specifies standards for greyhound welfare, establishes a register of Greyhound Breeding Establishments and regulates their operation. The IGB has a dedicated Welfare Manager who works with 16 welfare officers to conduct investigations of stray or mistreated greyhounds and to conduct kennel inspections.

In 2016, the IGB Welfare Team completed 571 inspections of kennels which resulted in 35 full investigations and over 20 sanctions being issued.

Each year, the IGB liaises with the ISPCA and An Garda Síochana where appropriate to investigate and prosecute for mistreatment of greyhounds.

The Irish Retired Greyhound Trust, a registered charity set up by the IGB, works with owners to rehome greyhounds after retirement and in promoting greyhounds as domestic pets. The IRGT also supports, through the provision of financial assistance, a number of rehoming agencies in Ireland, Europe and North America who are involved in the rehoming of retired Irish greyhounds. The charity is funded through a 2% deduction from all winning prize money, i.e. contribution from greyhound owners, with matching contributions from the IGB.

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