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A shortlist of Irish social media influencers to follow during self-isolation

Irish social media influencers pictured above include Rozanna Purcell, Eoghan McDermott, Louise Cooney, Patrick McLoughney, Cian Twomey, Leanne Moore, Sinead O’Brien, Tadhg Fleming, Shauna Lindsay, and Dr. Doireann O’Leary.

A shortlist of Irish social media influencers to follow during self-isolation

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Orla McCarthy

As the Covid-19 lockdown continues, it is easy to fall down the dark social media hole and become consumed by the endless cycle of news and information being shared. Social media plays a part in all our lives nowadays and with self-isolation in place, we are scrolling on our phones more than ever. While it is important to keep up to date on Covid-19, it is also important to follow people who use social media in a positive and helpful way during this uncertain period in our lives. Whether it be health, fitness, food, fashion, beauty or a bit of comedy, here is a shortlist of must-follow Irish social media influencers to brighten up your news feed.



Dr. Doireann O’Leary

Dr. Doireann O’Leary, a Cork-based GP and wellness advocate, has presented a fact-based approach on social media in informing and answering any questions or concerns over Covid-19 via her comments and stories on Instagram and Twitter. As a doctor on the frontline during the Covid-19 outbreak, Dr. Doireann provides real insights into her daily life as a GP, emphasising the importance of social distancing while also encouraging people to mind their physical and mental health offering experienced medical advice. For example, Dr. Doireann shares tips on how to deal with anxiety through adequate sleep and exercise including walks and fresh air outside as well as how to strike a balance between staying informed versus information overload on the pandemic.

Eoghan McDermott

Eoghan McDermott is an Irish radio and television presenter currently on RTE 2FM alongside Doireann Garrihy. Eoghan’s content across Instagram and Twitter is both informative as well as offering moments of laughter amidst this time of uncertainty. Eoghan shares a mixture of news snippets, memes and videos trending around the country and worldwide featuring some of our favourite celebrities and social media stars. Eoghan also supports #createdontcontaminate, a 14-day creative challenge set up by RTE 2fm which aims to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and raise awareness around the importance of social distancing by encouraging people to create content to keep themselves and everyone else entertained with prizes up for grabs for the most creative, original and fun content.

Louise Cooney

Limerick fashion and lifestyle blogger Louise Cooney is providing a different perspective for our news feeds as an Irish living in New York City. Louise has shared her everyday trials and tribulations of social distancing in one of the busiest cities in the world as well as her travels back home to Ireland. She provides a sense of normality as well as entertainment through posting her usual makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, and workout videos to her IGTV and Youtube. Louise’s Instagram is perfect to follow for all the fashion, travel and lifestyle junkies as she saves all her recommendations, inspo, and outfits to her highlights. Louise gives viewers a look inside her life during this time including how she deals with working from home and how she structures her day.

Sinead’s Curvy Style

Sinead O’Brien is a singer, model, fashion icon and social influencer from Limerick who is sharing not only her style but her daily life through her social media, Sinead’s Curvy Style. Sinead exudes all-around positivity during this difficult time, for example, sharing her singing talents to brighten up follower’s news feeds with her rendition of ‘Ireland’s Call’ on St. Patrick’s Day. Sinead is definitely one to follow offering fashion and beauty advice and always interacts with her followers. As well as this, Sinead is a huge promoter of body positivity throughout Ireland, offering a platform for not just curvy women, but for all women. 

Leanne Moore

Owner of Go Gym in Limerick, personal trainer and fitness blogger Leanne Moore has taken to Instagram to promote the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the Covid-19 isolation period with her weekly free LIFT LIVE workouts. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12 pm, Leanne will go through an entire 40-minute workout session which includes various cardio, strength and stretching exercises. There is something for everyone at any fitness level to enjoy. After many years in the entertainment industry, Leanne was encouraged to pursue a career in what she loved the most, fitness. With gyms closed across Ireland, Leanne’s workout provides follower’s a convenient way to get fit, relieve their minds from the current situation, and have a bit of fun with exercise.

Patrick Mc Loughney

As a male model, former personal shopper for Brown Thomas, qualified psychotherapist, and a weekly columnist for the Limerick Leader and Kilkenny reporter, Patrick McLoughney is a go-to for male fashion and lifestyle inspiration. Originally from Limerick, Patrick is no stranger to the limelight having won Model of the Year 2017 and Most Stylish Man 2019. His Instagram and blog are a hub for all things lifestyle, emphasising the importance of having good style and practicing self-care with posts including what to wear to certain events, skin care products, cologne recommendations, watch of the week and more. He has maintained positivity throughout the Covid-19 pandemic encouraging followers to take the recommended precautions to limit the spread of the virus as well as participating in many of the online challenges including #pushupchallengeeire #createdontcontaminate and #gamefacechallenge.

Shauna Lindsay

Limerick native influencer and model Shauna Lindsay’sInstagram account is hugely popular, featuring fashion, travel, makeup and skincare tips with her content generally revolving around her own amazing individual style. If anyone is in the mood for some serious travel envy, Shauna has also saved the amazing places she has been to her Instagram highlights, perfect to add to your travel bucket lists after self-isolation eases off. Shauna is also spreading some love and positivity to Instagram during self-isolation by sharing her amazing vocal talents, recently singing ‘Higher’ by Rihanna for RTÉ 2fm’s #createdontcontaminate day three singing challenge ‘Give us a tune’.

Cian Twomey

Irish internet star Cian Twomey has been producing regular video sketches for his online following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, providing a much-needed break from the bleak nature of our current situation.  Cian’s Instagram feed is loaded with funny sketches including ‘Workout William’, ‘Hiring a Tik Tok Choreographer’ and he also has gotten involved in the RTÉ 2FM #createdontcontaminate with a skit on karaoke. Cian’s content offers a daily dose of laughter without taking away from the seriousness of the situation as he reminds followers to listen to the government, follow the guidelines, be mindful of others and most importantly practice social distancing.

Rozanna Purcell

Roz Purcell’s social media is all about her passion for cooking, baking, fashion, beauty, and fitness. She is perfect to follow if you are in need of some inspiration on leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle from home during this isolation period. Her Instagram feed is full of delicious recipes from her three cookbooks ‘Natural Born Feeder’, ‘Half Hour Hero’, and ‘No Fuss Vegan’, great for followers to try during self-isolation. Roz is also an avid hiker and shares some of her top places to go hiking in Ireland, perfect to add to our fitness goals after social distancing and isolation eases off.  She also shares beauty and fashion tips along the way as well as her own workouts. Roz has utilized Instagram Live to engage and socialise with her followers, recently doing a Live with soul coach Gerry Hussey as they shared recommendations on how we can all deal with everything happening right now.

Tadhg Fleming

Content creator Tadhg Fleming is no stranger to social media having gained prominence with his ‘Catch him Derry’ video that went viral in 2017. Tadhg is a must-follow on all social media platforms if anyone is looking for a laugh with many of his videos featuring his equally hilarious dad, Derry. Tadhg has taken Tik Tok by storm with over one million followers thanks to his witty sketches including his famous ‘Alepsa’ skits with many of his videos featuring his parents, sister, and even the family dogs. Tadhg is another active follower of the #createdontcontaminate challenge offering a much-needed laugh during this self-isolation period. Irish social media influencers

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