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Jake Clemons Hits Limerick Jake Clemons Hits Limerick


Jake Clemons Hits Limerick This Sunday For Dolans Warehouse Performance

Jake Clemons Hits Limerick This Sunday For Dolans Warehouse Performance

Jake Clemons, the American singer-songwriter and saxophonist, will play Dolans Warehouse this Sunday, October 13th. Best known for being the saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Clemons took over the role of saxophonist for the band when his uncle, Clarence Clemons, a founding member of the band, died in 2011.

Clemons attracted world-wide attention in 2013 with the release of his debut EP, Embracing Light. Featuring original songs, the album showcased this gifted singer and multi-instrumentalist and offered a bewitching hint at how much he had to say and the intricate way he said it. This was then followed by his full-length album Fear + Love in 2017.

Clemons attended the Virginia Governor’s School for the Arts to study jazz performance and has also performed with Eddie Vedder, Roger Waters, The Swell Season and The Roots. An artist described as ‘a magnet for positive energy, emotion, and creating stories’, Clemons uses a deep connection to his past to make a deep connection in the present by living life to its fullest through a musical journey.

If you take the mysterious, rugged side of Johnny Cash and mix it with the soulful down to earth love child of Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons you end up with the unique and talented Jake Clemons. He plays the guitar, sax, piano, and drums, he writes music, he sings, he loves rock ‘n roll.

With the E Street Band Clemons also has performed various instruments including percussion and also provided backing vocals on the Band’s Wrecking Ball Tour, High Hopes Tour and The River Tour.

Earlier this year he released the timely and important single “Democracy” – an interpretation of the Leonard Cohen classic that was originally released in 1992.  The song was co-produced by Jake Clemons and Jake Hull and mixed by legendary Grammy-winning engineer and producer Eddie Kramer.

Speaking of the single earlier this year Clemons said: “My father, a man whose greatest pride lay within his service to his country, instilled in me a firm belief that our flag, our nation should represent the certain unalienable rights of all people, that we are all created equal, that we are stronger as a whole, and that our rights as a collective whole deserve to be defended. Democracy, a mighty ship that would sail for the people and by the people, well, it’s slow. It is here, but it’s not.

“We are both waiting for it and simultaneously seem to be warring against it. When then, will the identity that promised to bind us together in precious liberty finally ring true; ‘FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE’? When will we resolve to become truly UNITED as that powerful force claiming that grander posture of ‘WE, THE PEOPLE’?  This was the promise made, one that I have to hold on to, be it desperately, one that my father would proudly sacrifice time & time again for. It is slow… but it’s coming. This is Democracy”.

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