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Limerick woman, Leonie Lynch, founder of Juspy functional foods Limerick woman, Leonie Lynch, founder of Juspy functional foods


Limerick’s Leonie Lynch creates Juspy, a release energy-boosting drink in powdered form

Juspy – Limerick woman, Leonie Lynch, founder of Juspy functional foods pictured above

Limerick’s Leonie Lynch creates Juspy, a release energy-boosting drink in powdered form

By I Love Limerick correspondent Mary Caroline McCarthy

Limerick woman, Leonie Lynch, founder of Juspy functional foods recently released a new development in her energy-boosting innovation. After a full year of development, she is proud to release their newly developed Juspy Cacao and Collagen powder blend.



Leonie has an interesting skill set brought together in this latest venture. A graduate of Limerick School of Art & Design, Leonie worked as an artist for ten years before pursuing an academic stint at the University of Limerick completing a master’s in Marketing and a PhD in the Kemmy Business School. Leonie is also an experienced trainer, an impassioned Pilates instructor, a fierce female force, and a dedicated mother of two girls. Strength is at the heart of what she does, and she believes in building it from the inside out, body, and mind.

The idea for her brand came in 2014 when she was running on empty. She was weaning her newborn daughter, exhausted and busier than ever. She needed something nutritious but absolutely delicious. Her creation of Juspy didn’t come around until 2016 when she was pregnant with her second daughter and became hyper-focused on creating Juspy to satisfy her need for sweet nourishment.

Her first product was a chocolate and orange ready-to-drink Juspy and as a small business, she had a hard time trying to get a fresh chilled product to market.

Now Juspy is in powder form. Juspy Cacao and Collagen Powder Blend is a delicious protein powder blend for the chocolate lover who wants to be healthier. It’s for anyone who is busy and needs to get some nourishment quickly. Juspy is packed with goodness. It will keep you fuller longer, satisfying your head, heart and gut too.

You can use it by blending it in a nutribullet/blender with your favourite cold milk (add ice/add a shot of espresso for a mocha). You can make protein balls or protein pancakes, you can do anything with it, you are only limited by your imagination.

This healthy drink has 18g protein in each 40g serving. The hero ingredient is 10,000mg of Marine Collagen in a blend of cacao, coconut nectar, pea and rice protein, coconut milk, ashwagandha, Baobab, Himalayan Pink salt, natural flavour, and sodium ascorbate. No stabilisers. No refined sugar. No additives.

This drink is a healthy alternative to satisfy your chocolate cravings, it will keep you fuller longer, helps you when you hit that 3 pm slump, good for a mid-morning pick-me-up, helps your skin, hair, and nails, and joints. It is a natural energy boost full of nourishment suitable for most diets (Coeliac, gluten-free, keto, Paleo) but not vegan.

Juspy is made in Ireland and Leonie is focusing on e-commerce and online sales with the powder. The product costs just under €30 for 480g which makes 12 servings.

Leonie said, “If someone told me in 2016 that I would have to work for free for 4 years while trying to build and launch a food brand I can’t say that I would have done it. But you don’t know what you don’t know and that’s a good thing when you are starting a business. The excitement of possibility keeps me going. I dream big and live in a dreamy bubble of hope because you never know what could happen. It’s a rollercoaster ride and in the dips, it’s exhausting but, on the way, up it’s interesting, to say the least. Then when you feel yourself gather a bit of momentum it’s truly terrifying and totally exhilarating.”

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